Roz Chast had an incredible 2014 as her book Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? topped best seller list, garnered award nominations left and right, and in general become one of a handful of graphic novels—Maus, American Born Chinese and This One Summer among them—to gain as much prestige in the larger world of books. Last night it added to its already formidable laurels by winning the National Book Critics Circle Award in the Best Autobiography category, a huge win for a graphic novel. Michael Cavna has all the background, tweets and quotes. To which we can only say congratulations, Roz Chast! For your first graphic novel you not only knocked it out of the park, you invented a new sport.



  1. Congratulations to Roz, her editor and publishing team! This is yet another indicator of where the comics market can go. As each of the traditional prizes for literature welcomes another great comics effort, the foundation becomes even stronger for the rest of the books on the horizon. Publishers like Abrams, WW Norton, Bloomsbury, First Second, Scholastic…all have more great books in the pipeline and every win, such as this one, encourages them to publish more! Thank you Roz Chast, Raina Telegemeier, Art Spiegelman, Gene Yang, Mr. Crumb, Shaun Tan, David Small, Jules Fieffer and the others who have done your part to push the doors open!

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