5191401803_dcc2d983aa.jpgWe’ve lost another great one: news spread today that Italian art master Sergio Toppi had passed away at age 80. Toppi got his start in advertising (and his sketchy, geometric styleed the way for the familiar mid-century advertising look) but contributed comics to such magazines as Linus, Corto Maltese, Un uomo un’avventura, and Il Giornalino in Italy and l’Histoire de France en bandes dessinées and La Découverte du Monde in France. Best known for single stories rather than series characters, in recent years he worked exclusively with the French publisher Editions Mosquito. Archaia is bringing out a US edition of his retelling of the Arabian Knights, Sharaz-De later this year. A selection is below.An ultra-sophisticated, elegant master of pen and ink, Toppi influenced Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walter Simonson, and many others. News of his passing hit Twitter hard.

And many more here.

Gorgeous Toppi gallery on Flickr
A tribute from Doug Manchess at Tor
• From 2004 — Chris Weston interviews Toppi for the Pulse!



  1. Masters like Sergio Toppi and Joe Kubert (to cite only two recent losses) infused in me the love for comics when I was a kid. That love will never die as long as I’m alive.

  2. I only have the pleasure of owning the French edition of Sharaz-De but it is some beautiful work.

    I was planning on buying more when funds became available so I’m delighted to see that someone has the good sense to publish them in English (and books other than the one I already own).

    Thank you for the tip.