By Steve Morris

What happens whan an immovable lesbian object hits an unstoppable asexual force? As revealed by Entertainment Weekly today, they apparently have unconvincing heterosexual sky sex.

This is the cover for Justice League #12 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, and finally answers the question of “hey, there’s a chick in the Justice League? Which one of them is nailing her, bro?”

According to Johns, this is a real coupling and not a joke cover, and this relationship is going to be happening all over the DC Universe next year. And by that, I imagine he means they’ll appear just off the horizon in disparate issues of various titles, as a tiny silhouette, having more of that heterosexual sex Wonder Woman enjoys so much.

Update from the EW story:

This isn’t to say that fans will understand or support the hook-up. In fact, Johns and Lee expect some outcry and certainly some debate. Actually, they’re counting on it.  ”Hopefully this will raise a lot of eyebrows,” Lee says. “We welcome the watercooler chatter.”


  1. (Also he’s not really her type. I thought the Justice League got it down pretty well when they hinted at a possible relationship of her with Bruce, that couple I can see).

  2. “Frank Miller already took care of this…”

    Didn’t Bryne do this story in his first year or so on MOS or did I dream that?

  3. The relationship could work, but if they decided to cohabit, there could be issues. Who vacuums? Who cleans the toilet? Who decides what movie to see, or what to eat for supper? Or do they eat take-out all the time? There’s also the possibility that the relationship is just a PR stunt:

    This isn’t to say that fans will understand or support the hook-up. In fact, Johns and Lee expect some outcry and certainly some debate. Actually, they’re counting on it. ”Hopefully this will raise a lot of eyebrows,” Lee says. “We welcome the watercooler chatter.”

    Seeing them as a couple off-duty would be more interesting to me than seeing them locking lips while in costume.


  4. If this is played out in the character’s actual titles, it could work. However, if it’s JUST in JL, which I suspect it will be, then it’s just a stunt.

    *shrug* I thought Byrne had the definitive take on the relationship: there can’t be one.

  5. So, uh, anyone wanna explain to me there’s a blue fill light on characters flying in the sky and backlit at sunset? Are they being chased around by a glowing, blue voyeur?

  6. 1. Wonder Woman is gay. I don’t follow or like DC comics, but there’s no way I’ll believe any other interpretation of a character that comes from an island that doesn’t allow male visitors.

    1a. Wonder Woman and Batwoman? COMPLETELY believable.

    2. The best possible treatment of this relationship already happened in an early issue of Astro City.

  7. Because people chat about comic books around the water-cooler ALL THE TIME.

    “Didja catch the game last night?”
    “Naw, I was readin’ comic books.”
    “Really? Which one?”
    “The one where Superman hooked up with Wonder Woman.”

    This scene will be replayed in every office in North America and oh, shall the debates be fierce.

  8. What I have never understood is why DC feels the need to hook Wonder Woman up with…anyone….male or female.

    Years ago characters had a few “secrets” left under their utility belts…now…like apparently the rest of the world…all is known about everyone at all times and apparently thats what DC thinks they need.

    How about a secret or two with Wonder Woman….imply that she’s in a relationship…or imply that she’s gay…or both…or maybe she’s bi…but forgodsakes let her keep it to herself…like most of us still do…keep our private lives mostly private with just hints at what might be…makes for better storytelling down the road…

    All of this Bullshit started when they decided to give Wolverine an origin…take away all the mystery and deep hidden secrets that…in part…made him so cool.

    Now comic characters…like the Facebook generation…let you know when they had a tuna fish for lunch.


  9. Just an accompanying thought to my previous post…

    In all honesty…why is it that no secrets are kept at all in comics…forget real life…why can’t characters have some mystery behind them. Withheld some details for future stories.

    Instead of telling everyone that Batwoman or Alan Scott is gay…tell them…through story….shock the crap out of everyone with Alan Scott’s kiss of his boyfriend instead of telling everyone ahead of time. Keep Batwoman in the closest for five…six…hell…ten or more it up…is she gay? Is she not gay? What’s up with her…Bruce Wayne hit on her and she acted like she was interested but then suddenly left? Was she playing him or is she gay…or is it somehing else?
    Why let everyone know ahead of the actual story?
    We hint at the death of a character but never say who dies until they die…so why give away other characterizations or potential plot points…
    The New Ultimate Spiderman…we knew he was half black half hispanic before he debuted…>WHY?????
    Let his first appearance be a selling point…or a shocking point…or both..or whatever…but why let us know ahead of time???
    Imagine…those of you who are old enough to have actually stood in line at a theater without a cellphone in your hand to pre-occupy your time while waiting if six months before the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK came out everyone knew Vader was Luke’s father??? It wouldn’t have had near the power or staying power culturally as it has had…
    If someone knows why DC and Marvel can’t keep their loads (read:secrets and plot details) in a few seconds longer (read: at least until the story hits the stands) please let me know…because I don’t think they know why they do it.

  10. And yes…I know the answer is to sell books…get people talking ahead of time to sell books…but that can’t be the only reason…

  11. So why are we jumping to the conclusion that they “have some sex”?

    Again, we can’t have any build-up to anything anymore. As soon as any interest is implied, they’re already “hooking up”?

    If Johns waits till the second decompressed issue to show Superman and Wonder Woman kissing, full on open-mouth to open-mouth, will the comics “journalists” take to the internet to accuse him of being hopelessly passe and “conservative”?

  12. Well, Steve Trevor lasted for the first year.
    Now it looks like it’s Clark’s turn.
    Batman might be next, but it would be interesting to have Hawkman in the line-up, since they are/were both archaeologists.

    Since Hawkman can fly, he doesn’t need to set foot on Paradise Island. Of course, once he does, all the women will go bonkers for him, which would make for some interesting stories! (“Mom! Not you, TOO!”)

    I’m not a WW scholar, but how many relationships has Diana had?

  13. Also, Superman has been portrayed as heterosexual, not “asexual”. And Wonder Woman has been portrayed as more asexual than homosexual.

    So the perceptions and taken-for-granted understandings here seem more in tune with trendiness than with reality.

    I’d have no problem with most of the Amazons (or even the New 52 WW herself) being portrayed as lesbian. It’s just that it doesn’t really make any sense to assume certain things just to better criticize a heterosexual paring.

  14. In all honesty…why is it that no secrets are kept at all in comics…forget real life…why can’t characters have some mystery behind them. Withheld some details for future stories.

    That’s the result of being drawn to read stories on the basis of what the hero does, or what happens to him, instead of reading a story to enjoy what the writer and artists do. If you follow a particular writer, whether it’s Nora Roberts, Stephen Baxter, Marcia Muller, et al., you read a story for what she has in it—you experience her creativity and stylistic flair. If you follow a particular character, you’re chiefly concerned with what happens to him in the story and, if you’re critical, whether he’s handled correctly. But whatever sense of style and innovations the writer brings to the story are secondary to what happens to the character. Even if the story is poor, that won’t deter you from getting another Batman issue in the hope that the story is good.

    That’s a major reason why the superhero comics publishers don’t advertise the comics. They rely on the readers’ attachments to the heroes and controversy, whether the controversy about what happens to the heroes is real or artificial, to get them to talk about it and make the controversy known. That’s why the editors say that any reaction to a story is good. If he doesn’t react, the reader has probably lost his attachment to the hero and, if he’s still reading for enjoyment, is following authors and creators instead.


  15. “this relationship is going to be happening all over the DC Universe next year.”

    I wish I knew what this sentence means, because it sounds kind of gross.

    Maybe that means we’ll see them in this pose in background panels in every book, like the purple hooded lady?

    “The New 52. There’s no stopping Photoshop now.”

  16. I think she should be a lesbian as well, though the only male member of the League I could imagine her messing with is Aquaman. (Like Alex Ross said- he’s a king and his name is Arthur.) And he controls 2/3 of the world. If she wants to rep her island nation and affect the world of man, she and Aquaman would have the political reasons to hitch it up.

  17. Wow people people, calm down! Its just a storyline and I kinda like the idea; sure beats seing Superman with Lois Lance 1 year into a reboot. (for the rest of eternity). I think Supes should date more women, WW being the first.

  18. Hmmm… no one’s commented on what Diana is doing with that lasso.

    So is it consensual?
    Is it kinky?

    And how many of you would use the lasso on your significant other(s)? (No, not to make them compliant, but to tell the truth?)

  19. Superman isn’t human, right? Am I being a fanboy? I guess.
    It’s not entirely clear that Amazons are human either.

    Aw, whatever. Who cares? Had to happen someday.

    That cover stinks,though.

  20. Jules, the shot is theoretically possible, but it doesn’t say the nicest things about their personalities. If they’re making out near a hot updrafty highway her hair and his cape will blow upward like that. If they’re in front of a highway LCD billboard they’ll get lit like that. So, fitting with the marketing of the book it turns out the characters are exhibitionists too, hot for news cameras to catch their snog next to a rush hour traffic jam.

    This fits my own non-official interpretation of Diana.

    likefunbutnot, my take is that Wonder Woman is queer, and a little straight-curious. And purposely contrarian, even perverse.

    She likes it when jaws drop. Sometimes she does this by winning athletic contests with her fellow Amazons so handily they can’t believe it. Or running around NYC doing acrobatics in a bustier and short shorts. Sometimes she does this by beating up a self-righteous crook, tying him up, and forcing him to confess stuff that shocks even the villain. And she might do it by joining the Dykes on Bikes contingent at a Pride Festival.

    She’s enough of a contrarian that she rejected Paradise Island and ran off with a man she obviously doesn’t care for. It’s not that she loved Steve, it’s that she wanted to blow the minds of the Amazons by strutting about with the oddest creature imaginable to them. But back in the USA he’s just boring and she drops him.

    Then she gets a chance to hook up with a space alien….

    I don’t want to push this too far, she has a healthy dose of self respect beneath it all. Just because she’s curious and contrarian doesn’t mean she’ll EVER do anything she doesn’t enjoy. But she’s definitely Paradise Island’s equivalent of the minister’s daughter going to college, ready for something new.

  21. Obviously this story was the natural result of where these character shave been headed the last few years…

    riiiiiiiiiiight. Shock value and I’m still not wasting money on anything with DC on the cover. Such talented creators, shelling out ideas as innovative as dirty diapers. Screw that.

  22. The only reason this concerns me at all is because I don’t want any of this grand-standing Superman shite dribbling into the Wonder Woman title I have enjoyed reading for this past year. Good grief, DC.

  23. Karl Savage, 100% agree that Azzarello & Chiang & Akins Wonder Woman is a great book. Based on this Azz interview, looks like WW will remain distinctive from her other DCU portrayals:

    Newsarama: In Justice League, we’ve been introduced to the New 52 version of Darkseid and Boom Tubes. Are you working on a story that fits within that continuity?

    Azzarello: I guess. My editors will keep me in that continuity, but if you’re asking if I’m tying into that somehow? No, I’m not. Not at all.

    If you don’t like other New 52 books, don’t let that put you off of Wonder Woman. It’s its own thing, a brilliant new take on WW and I’d say the most interesting take ever. It’s expanding her world (and esp. her once anemic rogues gallery) in an inspiring way.

  24. And… looks like I’m wrong! From an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly:

    The comic, which goes on sale Aug. 29, culminates months of flirty foreshadowing. Writer Geoff Johns hints that some event — possibly tragic — will impact every member of the Justice League, and cause Superman and Wonder Woman to seek solace in each other and move from super-powered colleagues to power couple. This is no one-issue stunt: “This is the new status quo,” says Johns, adding that the relationship will have a seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the DC universe.

    I hope Brian Azzarello enjoys writing Superman as a character again.

  25. Call me a fool, but I like the cover. It works for me. I’m not going to ask for *realism* in the face of magical-mythical-aliens flying in the sky.

    I’ll take my superhero comics with a healthy does of superhero sauce, thank you very much.

  26. DC’s quarterly stunts are getting a little boring now. Joker’s face is cut off, shocking! GL is Gay! Superman is sleeping with WW! This is a really smart technique screw writing we will just try a stupid media stunt every few weeks. This is making me miss DC events. Final Crisis, this time in Superman’s pants.

  27. Jim Lee’s art stiff and lifeless? Naaaaaaaahhh…

    And those who think I’m exaggerating to suggest the superhero genre is going to wind up where funny animals did. Just you wait.

    I wonder what the super-spandex fetishists who ruin this genre for everyone else will call themselves? Supies?

  28. I don’t know why people hate wonder women x superman cause its quite logical they get together
    1) only super strong people can carry superman’s children
    2) both wonder women and superman cant have sex with anyone of lesser strength cause they’ll kill them in a fit of passion
    3) even if there are other people who can do everything with these two not many have their long life
    4) I don’t know if people notice but it’s said that Clark has looks that can match a gods so I think if she’s attracted to anyone in the justice league it’s clark
    5) I’m not sure but if Amazons consider strength equal to status what better way to insure that her children will be strong then to bed the strongest man(kriptonian) . Its said Clark can mate with humans but his childrens strength will kill the mother unless she’s also strong (wonder women strong that is )
    6) btw this was bound to happen cause even if superman goes with lois lane 1. He will out live her 2. He will not have children 3. He cant really get it on with Lois cause he can’t give into his passion (he’ll kill her if he thrusts hard)
    7) superman and wonder women will still stay like their thirty while there friends,team mates, and loved ones Dai out (heck maybe they’ll look younger then that)
    8) don’t tell me that normal humans can have sex with either of them cause you all know you lose yourself when you have sex
    but if people still whant the old Lois x Clark on and off relationship let’s just wait till Lois grows old and dais without children and Clark still looks like he’s thirty. I wonder how that would work out(probably with a depressed superman and a wonder women cause it will happen to her as well if she’s with a normal human)
    That’s all there’s to say and I find these quite logical I hope people think about that, the fact that these are LOGICAL facts

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