Hans Rickheit’s THE SQUIRREL MACHINE was one of the year’s most dazzling surprises — an extremely creepy and imaginative tale that made an indelible impression and announced the maturation of a unique talent. Rickheit has announced he’s serializing his new comic on the web. It’s called ECTOPIARY:

ECTOPIARY is a graphic novel in the making. I expect it will be about 600 pages in length when completed. Currently, I plan on posting a new page once a week. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to increase the updates to twice a week.
ECTOPIARY does not fit neatly into any known genre. At the moment, I fancy calling it “science fiction.” I may change my mind tomorrow. Readers familiar with my other comics are encouraged to suggest other categories to file this critter.

At a page a week, we’ve got a long wait, but what is up there is worth checking out already.