Rick Geary’s first Kickstarter for The Elwell Enigma has just shipped—and I was just enjoying my digital comic bonus last night— but no rest for the wicked, so his Kickstarter manager Mark Rosenbohm has just announced a new one, and in a turn from murder, it’s a real doozy: A is for Antichrist: Obama’s Conspiracy Alphabet. That’s right, 26 different illustrations showing various conspiracy theories surrounding the man who is sucking America’s soul out through a slurpee straw our 44th President. The results will be collected in a full color 8 1/2 x 11″, 56 page hardcover book. Some samples:

L is for LIZARD. As predicted in hidden Biblical Codes, Obama is actually the Great LIZARD Overlord.

F is for FEMA. The president will order FEMA to establish concentration camps throughout the country, pending the next “national emergency.”

Sold yet? This book will either serve as a useful guide to surviving the Obamacaust or a handy compendium of irrational fears.


  1. Wow, I hate to play politics (because COMIC BOOKS!) but hey, since The Beat started, I’ll go (and regret it): Has EVERYONE in the United States forgotten George Bush, Jr.? I mean, seriously. It’s like every bad thing that’s happened to this country is Obama’s fault. And I bet you anything, most all trails would in fact lead back to Bush, Jr. Ignorance is never bliss.

    When you’ve been handed a big pile of steaming sh*t and a playpen of whining children (House of Representatives) to work with, what can you do? ;)

  2. My impression: This is NOT an anti-Obama book. Rather, a compendium of unrealistic fears and misinformation that swirl about the current President.

  3. Someone creates a book like this about Bush, and it’s funny.
    Someone creates a book like this about Obama, and it’s sacrilege and republican propaganda.
    (Rolls eyes at hypocrites.)

  4. Oooh…. Rick Geary, returning to contemporary comics!
    IN COLOR! How often has he done that?!?
    $50 for a signed edition with a sketch!

    It’s a win-win.
    The Republicans will buy it to share with their friends.
    Those getting the joke will buy it for the humor.

    And as I joked when people complained about all of the Regency books my store was selling back in the Fall of 2004, “The point is to separate the cash from the conservatives.”

  5. Obama was initially handed a two-year >58% Democratic majority in the House of Representatives (along with a filibuster-proof super Democratic majority in the Senate).

    Many Democrats say everything is George W. Bush’s fault; Many Republicans say everything is Barack Obama’s fault. Maybe, just maybe, they both caused problems…? Maybe, just maybe, some problems are the fault of neither…?

    ~troublemaker Chris

  6. None of the ones illustrated are Obama-specific. Every president since at least Clinton have been planning the Fema camps according to the internet or been a lizard (see David Icke). Weren’t some of these covered in the Big Book of Conspiracies back in the 90s?

    The worst Obama conspiracy theoies pale into insignificance compared to the garbage the Truthers say about Bush (and Clinton, who must have been in on it too if you spend 30 seconds considering the timing and complexity of the various conspiracy theories). The 2000 election conspiracy theories are worse than anything a Birther ever said about Obama.

  7. @troublemaker Chris

    Away with you and your ideas of rational, critical thinking! They do not belong in our politics.
    Things are simple. Blame the other party for their incredible weakness and stupidity and if reasonable analysis of your guy comes up, cut it off by shouting/posting “You’re hopeless. Go watch your MSNBC/Fox news (as applies)!”.

  8. I’m mostly happy he hasn’t engaged in a campaign of lies and propaganda to get us to attack another country and remove its government. Also, as far as I’ve heard, Biden’s not a war profiteer.

  9. Rick Geary always has been an independent workhorse, a total class act and a real plus for the medium.

    I’d be really happy to see that Kickstarter is still working for a guy like him.

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