We’ve written about products at Celebs Clothing before; they specialize in jackets, hoodies and other garments for both women and men that are based on popular SF/superhero films and TV shows. They’re currently having a 40% off sale for Valentine’s Day with such hot products as


A Jyn Erso jacket


The Lego Batman jacket.


And of course a Negan jacket for when you want to bash someone’s brains out…or just look look like cuddly Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


A Celebs Clothing rep wrote to me and offered me a product for review, and I chose the Lego Batman Classic Hoodie. And here’s my review:

As my social media followers may know, Stately Beat Manor suffers from intermittent heating issues, sometimes for days at a time. No heat, no hot water. DAYS at a time. This happened during a blizzard and last weekend when it was 36º out. So having a comfortable, warm garment is a very important survival technique here. During the last heating outage I wore this hoodie a lot, and it was warm and provided a slimming profile. The material is 80% cotton/20% polyester – a good mix for comfort and durability.

I don’t normally wear pullover hoodies, and since this is a man’s model, the fit is not contoured, However, as I said, it gave a nice clean line. I also don’t normally wear Batman themed clothing, but I find this hoodie inspires fear of a dark avenger in others.

So for something I wouldn’t normally wear, it turned out this was A-ok!

I haven’t seen other products from Celebs Clothing up close, but it seems like a good place to consider for cosplay or just pledging sartorial allegiance to your favorite character.

Disclosure: I received a free Batman Lego Hoodie from Celebs Clothing in exchange for writing a review.


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