Later this month Dark Horse Comics will release Resident Alien: The Book of Love #3. The next issue in the latest installment of the Resident Alien series comes from series creators writer Peter Hogan and artist Steve Parkhouse. The small-town crime series has followed alien Harry Vanderspiegel and human Asta Twelvetrees as they explore what it means to be in a romantic relationship. Today, ahead of the book’s release, The Beat is pleased to present a preview of the forthcoming issue.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Resident Alien: The Book of Love #3:

As romance blooms in the small town of Patience, reformed smuggler Don finds himself in trouble over an old debt, and curious Nurse Ellen finds her life at risk at her new job. Can Harry help solve the new mysteries and problems that haunt his friends?

The Book of Love is the seventh installment in the Resident Alien series, which began in the pages of Dark Horse Presents in 2011 before being collected as its own standalone series. The series has been adapted for television on the Syfy network, with Alan Tudyk starring as Harry and Sara Tomko as Asta. The second season of that show wrapped up in September, and a third season is on the way.

Check out the five-page preview of Resident Alien: The Book of Love #3 (of 4) below. The penultimate issue of the series is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, January 18th.