As you’ve probably heard somewhere, today is Stephen King’s birthday! In honor of that, Entertainment Weekly has released another tantalizing tidbit about the upcoming The Dark Tower live-action film and the universe its set in: a tv series based on King’s fourth Dark Tower novel, Wizard and Glass, is moving forward.

Years ago, when this project was under the auspices of director Ron Howard, plans were in place to produce a series of films, along with a companion television series to air in between film releases. An ambitious plan even today in our post-Marvel Cinematic Universe environs, you can only imagine what fans thought of it six years when it was first mentioned.

While the Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey starring-The Dark Tower film will kick things off this coming February, that film’s director Nikolaj Arcel and co-writer Anders Thomas Jensen are hard at work to pick the baton up on the television series, which they’re aiming to land on a cable network. According to EW’s sources, Idris Elba is already slated to return as Roland, along with Tom Taylor (obviously not the comic writer) who plays Jake Chambers. They will appear in a framing device for the series, which will in turn flash back to the younger days of Roland as revealed in Wizard and Glass.

There’s no network in place as of yet, but MRC, the production company overseeing the series’ development is also in charge of House of Cards, making production likely to go forward provided the film is a hit.

If it’s not…well…”all things serve the beam”.


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