Yesterday we reported that LeftField Media and Crunchyroll are teaming for Anime NYC m a new anime show slated for November.

As soon as we ran that we received word of the Liberty City Anime Con, which will be held in from August 18-20, 2017 at the Times Square Marriott Marquis in NYC. IT’s now in its third year, I’m told. 

The show just announced six guests, seen below; the full list  can be seen here. Sponsors include Crunchyrool, Viz, Funimation and so on. According to their PR, LCAC is run by a fan based  non-profit. As we’ve been saying for a while the Anime/otaku sub culture may have faded a little bit but it seems to be coming back strong. 

Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker is an ADR director, script writer and voice actor forFUNimation Entertainment. A native of East Texas, he grew up spendingequal time playing in the woods, playing Atari, and watching cartoonslike Scooby Doo, Superfriends, Star Blazers, and Battle of thePlanets. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a BAin Radio, Television, and Film, he spent time playing in bands andeventually started working as an ADR engineer and production assistantat FUNimation in 2002. A bit of trivia: His former band, The Pointy Shoe Factory, had three songs featured in Dragon Ball Z Movie Eight:Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Since then, he has worked as ADR director on around six hundred episodes of such series as Baccano!, Toriko, Dragon Ball Z, Ghost Hunt, Basilisk, Black Cat, Blassreiter, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Hell Girl, Is This a Zombie, Negima, TO, Ragnarok the Animation, and 175 episodes of Fairy Tail. In addition to directing and producing, he has also written numerous scripts for titles such as Fairy Tail, One Piece, Bamboo Blade, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Hero Tales, Shangri-La, and both seasons of Is This A Zombie. When he’s not at the FUNimation studios, Tyler plays drums and produces music for his current band, Wirewings. Somehow he still finds time to go out into the woods, play video games, and watch cartoons. 

Heather Walker
Heather Walker loves the freaks, the geeks, and the oddballs. From birds and giant rats, to tortured mystical children, to sexy nurses, she has played a wide variety of roles in her relatively brief time as a voice actress. Whether she is screaming her head off for an entire scene or being innocently naughty, Heather loves extreme characters. Some of her roles include Hiruko from Shangri-La, Aki from Maken-Ki, the misunderstood villain Mary Hughes in Fairy Tail, and most recently the role of Zoe, the revolutionary girl, in the audio play Chimpanzee. She studied creative writing at the University of North Texas and besides voice acting, Heather is a stylist, poet, birdwatcher, and environmentalist, and is currently being certified as a Texas Master Naturalist. So not only does she love voicing animals, she loves protecting them too.

Chuck Huber
Chuck Huber started acting in Anime in the roles of Garlic Jr. and Android 17 in DBZ. Since then he has voiced hundreds of characters including Hiei in YuYu Hakusho, Stein in Soul Eater, Kululu in Sgt. Frog, Mohji in One Piece, Shou Tucker in Full Metal Alchemist, Han in Blue Gender, Hiro in Shin Chan, Ashe in Black Butler, Reever in D. Gray Man, Hector in Glass Fleet, Yuichi in Initial D., Akai in Oh Edo Rocket, Melt in The Tower of Druaga, Adashino in Mushishi, Eric Nishijima in Darker Than Black, Havel in Trinity Blood, Austria in Hetalia and many more. He has been a writer on Hetalia, Sgt. Frog, Baccano, Spice and Wolf and others. As a filmmaker Chuck has acted, produced, written or directed for Arbor Day – The Musical, The Troubadoors, The Fragility of Seconds, The Mechanical Grave, Odd Man Out among others. He began acting in Chicago at the Goodman Theater, Court Theater, Steppenwolf Theater after graduating from DePaul University and continues to work on stages in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most recently he played Hugh Jameison in the movie Parkland, produced by Tom Hanks and starring Billy Bob Thornton and Paul Giamatti.

Aaron Roberts
Aaron is the voice for Uta in Tokyo Ghoul, Grimsby Keane in Black Butler, Samuel in Fairy Tail, Urie Sogami in Dance With Devils, and Kamui Woods in My Hero Academia. Nominated for 2014 Breakthrough Voice Actor of the Year by Behind The Voice Actors, Aaron Roberts scored his first big role as Sunny in Toriko: Gourmet Hunter. Having provided voices for over 100 anime series, he’s been featured in such roles as Michael the Archangel in High School DxD, Hideki Tama in Evangelion 3.0, Lacus Welt in Seraph of the End, Natsuhiko Koyama in Assassination Classroom, Cody Balfour in Gangsta., and Mamoru in Kamisama Kiss. You may have also heard him in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Attack On Titan, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Code: Breaker, One Piece, Daimadaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Divine Gate, Eureka Seven AO, Ghost in The Shell: The New Movie, Haganai, Maken.

Brittany Lauda
Brittany Lauda is a voice actress, casting director and voice director originally based in New York City. Her voices can also be heard in Anime, Video Games and even in education apps by Hasbro like My Little Pony and Transformers. Additionally, Brittany is the head ADR director at Media Blasters, working on titles like Ladies versus Butlers, Holy Knight, Juden Chan (which she wrote half of), My Wife is the Student Council President and Rio: Rainbow Gate. Brittany has also directed and cast a handful of games, with the largest game project being YIIK: A Postmodern RPG which is coming to consoles this summer. Her most notable voice over roles are Audrey Belrose in Huniepop/Huniecam, Osana Najimi in Yandere Simulator, Kaoru Daichi in Ladies versus Butlers, Plug Cryostat in Juden-Chan and Mirim in Queen’s Blade.

Matt Shipman
Matt Shipman is a Voice Actor originally based in New York City, ADR Writer and all around nerd-guy. He is best known for voicing Shay Obsidian in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V, which is currently airing on NickToons. Additionally, he can be heard in Holy Knight, Ladies Versus Butlers, Juden-Chan: Recharged, Rio: Rainbow Gate Reshuffle and the upcoming title My Wife is the Student Council President as Hayato Izumi. Matt is the lead ADR writer for Juden-Chan and My Wife is the Student Council President and works as assistant director for Media Blasters titles. Matt plays Street Fighter, loves the Zero Escape and Persona series, watches seasonal anime, plays card games, and loves to talk about all things nerdy. https://twitter.com/MattShipmanVO

Ian Rubin
Comedian, Actor, sexy Hobbit. From NJ, Ian Rubin has been traveling all around the east coast, entertaining crowds of geeks, and expressing what it is like to be a nerd when no one around him understands! His stand-up focuses around the important issues such as: Why can’t he fi d any Little Mac amiibo’s? Why does the song “Tank!” groove so hard? And for the love of everything, why do some people think it is okay to just pick someone up? (I MAY BE HOBBIT SIZED, BUT THAT IS NOT AN INVITATION TO “TAKE ME TO ISENGARD.”) An Improviser, Ian will often divert from his regular comedy show and rant about something more interesting, more frustrating, or sometimes he’ll just get distracted by something shiny. He’s the greatest comedian ever.*