Back in September Heavy Metal Entertainment released Remnant. The sci-fi noir graphic novel developed by the Hero Projects studio comes from the creative team of writers Morgan Rosenblum & Matthew Medney, artist Fabrizio Ugolini (with inks by Ugolini, Onofrio Orlando, and Salvatore Di Marco), colorist Anna Volcan, and letterer Ismail “Ni Hii” Nihad. The book follows a writer who uncovers a conspiracy after witnessing an apparent murder. Now The Beat is pleased to offer an exclusive excerpt from the graphic novel, as well as the debut of a trailer for the book.

Here’s how Heavy Metal describes Remnant:

The year is 2449 – Abel Kane, an accomplished writer, witnesses a murder. But when he discovers the victim was a machine in a “skin suit”, his life is turned upside down. Its mere existence is either an anomaly or part of a surreptitious takeover. Soon Abel finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. The more he investigates, the more he begins to fear he might be the only human left. 

In talking about the book, Rosenblum and Medney describe the futuristic setting of the story and how they approached developing the world:

“2449 – Our depiction of this future has a very 1920’s vibe. Everything from the fashion, to the cars, to the architecture, even the technology, feel decidedly less “futuristic.” While technology still plays an integral role in our story and the world, we have purposely toned it down substantially, instead choosing to focus on refining a few key innovations.” – Morgan Rosenblum

“The goal was to create a unique and unusual future, one that might actually feel more like an alternate reality or vivid dream.” – Matthew Medney

Remnant is the latest project developed by Hero Projects, for which Medney is the Chief Executive Officer and Rosenblum the Chief Creative Officer. Other books developed by the studio and published by Heavy Metal include the already-available Stable, this month’s The Fifth Force, and The Red, which is due out next year.

Check out the trailer and exclusive excerpt from Remnant below. The graphic novel is available in stores now.


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