Michael Kupperman and David Rees have been contributing a biweekly comic called “See Something, Say Something” to the New York Times editorial page, but this week it didn’t appear, for reasons explained by Kupperman:

Some of you may have noticed that David Rees and I have been producing a comic for the New York Times Week in Review section called “See Something, Say Something” every other Sunday… but we’re not in today’s paper. That’s because they objected to David’s script this week and refused to consider printing it… the subject matter (male rage, online bullying & the hashtag #yesallwomen) was “too sensitive.” 

I disagree very strongly with that decision, because I feel David was making a point that deserves to be made. So I went ahead and completed the script as written; here it is, see for yourselves.

You can see the whole thing in the link, but it’s nothing more than you see every day on Tumblr and so on, with extra bonus points for two really funny guys, Rees and Kupperman, poking fun at their own cohort. But maybe peeing babies was too much for the Times? Anyway…disappointing.


  1. I don’t know…it seems to have a mixed message. Point taken, but it also reinforces old stereo typical gender roles that if a man complains he’s a baby, no? One could argue that it’s “nice guys” like these artists and those who agree and repost this comic are the ones you should worry about in light of the recent shootings -they just might think they deserve to get laid for it.
    I think it’s possible to make a point without going all over the top NRA Tea Party about it…and I’m no expert on this, but it seems to me guys calling each other dickhead and threatening rape and tea bagging are in some cases ribbing. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen as they say..if women responded by saying she’d strap on a dildo and rape the person that would be more equal in some respects. I realize with the history of rape (though women raping guys isn’t that uncommon and probably even more underreported…and might continue to be thanks to this comic) there’s a difference (think about the children!), yet the comic is pointing out traditional differences as much as anything progressive.
    To bring up the tea party again…I can respect (almost) someone disagreeing with Obama, but once they go all Fox News it’s embarrassing unless there’s a level of wit and artistry behind it that seems lacking here.

  2. I just think this is poor work not up to their usual standards. Why repeat their “whining babies” point over so many panels? We get it. There is a reason why the best political cartoons make their statements in 1 or 2 panels.

  3. Nothing against the creators, but this is just more typical leftist nonsense. And how did the Tea Party and Fox News get involved? Oh, they’re involved as the boogyman in every leftist news story. Thanks so much for telling me being mean to women is wrong. I can’t wait for their anti-murder and no stealing strips. I don’t think the cartoon should have been censored because I’m for free speech. But in other news, water is wet and hookers don’t really love you.

  4. I look forward to The Beat “poking fun at its own cohort” by publishing a comic called “Vaginal Martyrdom Theatre”.

  5. I’m so tired of the “left/right” football game that everyone is so eager to play. The reason why nothing gets done in this country is because everyone’s too busy calling each other names.

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