graphiclyAs reported by Steve Morris, the shutdown of Graphicly, the once competitive digital comics service, has left a lot of unpaid creators, and confusion over its relationship with POD/self-publishing platform Blurb, which hired six former Graphicly employees including founder Micah Baldwin. While it’s clear that Graphicly shut down, whether it actually filed bankruptcy claims isn’t as clear. While poking around with legal filings, I did find an older wrongful termination case by former vp of sales Michael Croy. While disgruntled employee rules apply, it does add to a picture of financial woes that were going on as far back as a couple of years ago. I’d appended both Croy’s complaint and Graphicly’s response.

Click to access 10115023054.pdf

Click to access 10115155471.pdf

You can’t get blood from a stone rules do seem to apply here.


  1. So, the plaintiff is complaining that he was laid off just before a company that had no money would have owed him a significant amount of money. And the cash-strapped defendant is arguing (A) jurisdictional issues and (B) prove it!

    Yup, this is going to go nowhere.

  2. 175000 plus stock options and that’s just one executive. Anyone wanting to know why digital comic rentals are so expensive have their answer.

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