Batwoman S1E6 “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury” is a messy one, folks. We lean a bit harder into the crime-fighting and a bit less into the chemistry between characters as Kate tries to gain favor with the GCPD and Jacob’s hate-fire for Batwoman burns even brighter. This week’s ep is directed by Scott Peters and written by James Stoteraux and Chad Fiveash.

This is a full recap of Batwoman S1E6: AKA beware of spoilers.

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 “I want this so-called Executioner cuffed and stuffed!”

“I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury” kicks things off with a murder scene that works as long you as you don’t ask too many questions. Like, why was the fence this prosecutor’s first escape choice? Eh, best not to dwell on it.

Over at Crow HQ, Jacob (Dougray Scott) goes over the incidents from last episode with Kate (Ruby Rose) – neither of whom are in great spirits about losing Beth. Sophie (Meagan Tandy) steps in to tell everyone about the murder. The crew watches a newscast covering the situation. We learn this prosecutor was one of Gotham’s best (he even send Joker to jail!) and that this villain is dressing up as an old school executioner. Jacob wonders why the GCPD didn’t ask the Crows for help and becomes even grumpier than usual when he finds out that they lit the Batsignal instead. While he goes off about bringing in the Executioner, Kate sneaks away – and Sophie proposes a secret mission to uncover Batwoman’s identity (even though she totally already knows).

There’s drama in Wonderland, as Alice (Rachel Skarsten) grafts a new face onto Mouse (Sam Littlefield). It’s revealed that between episodes they kidnapped an lab employee, Dean Devro so Mouse could mug his mug and steal something from his place of business. Mouse wonders why they haven’t killed Dean already and Alice counters, saying her sister is watching. Mouse doubles down and basically calls her a softie as he alludes to “the old Alice” being more liberal with her butterfly knife. To that, Alice claps back, saying Mouse doesn’t trust her anymore.

Kate, now at Wayne Tower, talks with Luke (Camrus Johnson) about what it means that the GCPD lit her signal – and that Prosecutor Stanton (the dead one) sent the man who killed Luke’s father to jail. On that topic, Luke tells the sad story of that night: one second his family was celebrating his high school graduation and the next, they were identifying his dad’s body. Poor guy.

“She knows who I am.”

Enter the intel phase! In a set of parallel scenes, Jacob and Sophie’s hubbie, Tyler (Greyston Holt) and Kate and Luke narrow down a suspect, identifying criminals who Stanton sentenced. They finger Chris “The Fist,” just as the GCPD gets a lock on his location. Batwoman and the Crows roll out (even though Jacob specifically mentions that it’s outside Crow jurisdiction).

batwoman s1e6

On the scene, the Executioner, presumed to be Chris “The Fist,” is holding hostages, claiming he’ll only talk with Detective Donnelly. Batwoman and Sophie sneak in the back door and – turns out the whole thing is a set up. The warehouse is rigged to a firing range and Donnelly is shot dead as he walks in the door. Also, Sophie reveals to Batwoman that she knows her identity.

Meanwhile, Mouse is scurrying into the lab. There are two classic moments here. A dramatic pause as everyone looks at Mouse. He thinks they’re onto him… until everyone starts clapping. Then, a higher up comes by to praise him, saying “I just have to know. How were you able to overcome the ferromagnetic projectile saturation?” He deflects pretty comically, saying that it’s proprietary information aND IT WORKS! Mouse makes it out totally scott free.

Across the city, Kate tells Luke that Sophie knows who she is. Even though it’s definitely an issue, they decide it can wait for now. They move on, then, to the Executioner. Reflecting back on his past two murders: electrocution and firing squad, they realize that his methods are linked to capital punishment. Also, apparently the Penguin was mayor of Gotham in the Arrowverse. Anyway, research shows that the Executioner’s next killing will probably be a gas chamber. They track down the only warehouse in Gotham where they can find cyanide and Batwoman is off again.

There, a security guard tries to hit on her. It’s awkward! After a sick diss, she realizes that, actually, no one has tried to rob the place. But wait! A truck drives into the warehouse, hitting Kate. The Executioner hops out, grabs the gas and drives off. On the other side of town, the Crows apprehend The Fist.

“All this Bat-Tech and you came up with frozen water.”

Kate, icing her broken ribs, is back at the cave with Luke. Luckily for them, the Batsuit has some sort of kinetic memory. AKA, it remembers the impression of things that hit it. Like cars. Also, and I am not joking even a little, license plates. Yes. They pull the plates off of Kate’s suit and they’re back in business.

Batwoman heads over to the Executioner’s house, finds out who he is and we get some backstory on why he’s doing what he’s doing. We’re not allowed to go into details here – but it does touch on issues with the legal system and how that affects class. Nothing radical, but definitely welcome to see. All you need to know here is the Executioner is gunning for corrupt officials who’ve framed minorities for years, often leading to death penalties.

This new development on the Executioner’s identity puts Luke on edge as it calls his father’s murder case into question. Although he and Kate talk about it, they don’t really come to an agreement.

Instead, Batwoman hits the streets. As the Crows meet up with GCPD to hand off The Fist, she – well she just grapples him away. It’s weird. Before she dips, she tosses the flash drive with the Executioner’s identity to Jacob via Batarang.

batwoman s1e6

Alice is passing the time playing chess with her captive when she gets a call from Kate, who’s captured Mouse. Just kidding! It’s actually Mouse using his voice disguising ability. He manipulated her into finding out that she knows Kate is Batwoman. Alice admits she’s holding out hope for her sister. Mouse throws in her face that he was the one there for her (after his dad kidnapped her??), then kills the real Dean, saying “try keeping that a secret.” It leaves Alice looking shook.

“Anyone else feeling a little bat-trayed?”

Then, as is tradition, a voice appearance by Vesper Fairchild (Rachel Maddow) as she roasts Batwoman for rescuing The Fist. The view over the city transitions into Jacob’s office as Kate walks in. They argue about the Executioner’s identity and Batwoman’s interference, leading to Jacob blaming Batman for his wife’s death and Beth’s transformation. Kate calls him out for blaming Batman instead of himself. It seems like, just maybe, she got through to him.

What we have not yet discussed in this episode, because of reasons, is Mary (Nicole Kang). All you need to know – what you must know – is she totally owns. If you’re here for the drama (raises hand), this scene here is worth the price of entry.

Batwoman follows her leads and finds the judge (the Executioner’s next target) red-handed; tossing evidence of his corruption into the fireplace. Unfortunately, the Executioner just showed up, too. He swings his big old axe as Batwoman tells the judge to make his way out. Kate calls for backup and this episode’s big fight begins. She leaps around the courtroom and is able to dodge all of his attacks except for one. On the ground, she struggles to keep him off. Then, the Crows save the day as this episode treads back into Do Not Review territory.

batwoman s1e6

Vesper Fairchild announces that The Fist has been exonerated as Luke looks over old files from his dad’s case. Then, Kate and Jacob finally get into their feelings. She admits her dad isn’t the one to blame. She forgives him as he promises they’ll get Beth back. Meanwhile, Alice and Mouse make nice, too. She convinces him that there’s room enough for Kate at their tea party, thanks to the haul from their recent heist.

The End

To be honest, it’s probably for the best that these last few scenes go unmentioned. I have lots of questions about the science here. Enough that it distracts from the otherwise welcome character development (and drama!!!). Batwoman S1E6 wasn’t the best – especially after following up last week’s outstanding entry – but there are still some diamonds in the rough.

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