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Recap: BATWOMAN S1E16 “Through the Looking Glass”

Kate and Alice are back together for a tenuous teamup.
batwoman s1e15

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E15: “Off With Her Head”

The Queen has arrived.
batwoman s1e14

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E14: “Grinning From Ear to Ear”

Don't you hate when you're kissing a vigilante and your mom shows up?
batwoman s1e13

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E13: “Drink Me”

A new face strolls their way into Gotham.
batwoman s1e12

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E12: “Take Your Choice”

Beth, meet Alice.
batwoman s1e11

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E11 “An Un-Happy Birthday Present”

Kate spends her birthday with her sister.
batwoman s1e10

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E10 “How Queer Everything is Today”

Kate struggles with being the paragon of courage.
batwoman s1e9

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E9: “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two”

Kate takes on an all new mantle.
batwoman s1e8

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E8 – “The Mad Tea-Party”

Spoiler alert: DON'T GO TO THE TEA PARTY.
batwoman s1e7

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E7 – “Tell Me the Truth”

Sophie and Kate finally talk things through.
batwoman s1e6

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E6 – “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury”

In which Mary totally owns.

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