Viewers of The CW’s Batwoman series were shocked when, at the end of the show’s COVID-abbreviated first season, series star Ruby Rose announced she would not return for another year of the show. Now after much speculation as to the reasons behind her departure, Ruby Rose herself has taken to social media to share details of her experience on Batwoman. Her story includes allegations of unsafe working conditions, and intimidation and harassment from higher-ups and fellow actors on the series.

In a series of Instagram stories beginning with those screenshotted above, Ruby Rose laid out the experiences that led to her Batwoman exit:

Dear CW @carolinedries @sarahsawitty @gberlanti et al. Enough is enough. I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened on that set.

I will come for you so what happened to me never happens to another person again. And so I can finally take back my life and the truth. Shame on you.

Peter Roth [Former President of WB Television], you are first up. You are chapter one, not sure if you left after getting promoted to the highest position because you just couldn’t stop making young women steam your pants, around your crotch while you were still wearing said pants or if you left after putting a private investigator on me who you fired as soon as the report didn’t fit your narrative, either way. when it comes to you, there’s already an army waiting for u.

Rose next shared a series of videos of a doctor’s visit, including a CT scan of injuries to her ribcage:

Cut to 3 weeks later after this video. it’s worse than abnormal. this was diagnosed years ago on set but if I got an XRay “we wouldn’ make our day” I have documented this for years.

On top of that I have enough documentation to make a 1 hour documentary. pray tell what else would you like me to share, the broken neck or the broken rib split in two and the tumor?

Another video she shared was of her undergoing surgery:

To everyone who said I was too stiff on batwoman. imagine going back to work 10 days after this … 10 DAYS!!!!!! ( or the whole crew and cast would be fired and I’d let everyone down because Peter Roth said he would r recast and i just lost the studio millions (by getting injured on his set) that is  be the one who cost so many people their jobs. Instead of spending half a day to rewrite me out for a few weeks to heal)

The final screenshot above includes her experience with Comic-Con in 2019, an event she was unable to attend because she says producers wouldn’t adjust the show’s schedule (in the video she posted at the time, she called missing the event “devastating”):

Imagine taking a huge pay cut to play a passion project and being so excited about Comic-Con and then being told they would not adjust the scheduled so I could attend … but then saying “we won’t announce it, you have to.” And me putting my foot down and sayin why must I be the face of this??? Only to be told if I didn’t do this video they would be silent and people would turn up to find out on the day I wasn’t there…. I folded, I wanted to do what it took… But then being told “Cover your scar, we don’t want to see that scar on the video” and u wonder why I posted by surgery video. Y

The final three screenshots from Ruby Rose include details about Batwoman creator Caroline Dries‘s delayed reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, allegations of on-set misconduct by former series regular Dougray Scott, and accusations of on-set leaks from current series regular Camrus Johnson:

So, in closing, please to my dear, dear fans stop asking if I will return to that awful show, I wouldn’t return for any amount of money nor if a gun were to my head.. NOR DID I QUIT. I DO NOT QUIT, They ruined Kate Kane and they destroyed batwoman, not me. I followed orders, and if I wanted to stay i was going to have to sign my rights away. any threats, any bullying tactics or blackmail will not make me stand down.. A grew member got 3rd degree burns over his whole body, and we were given no therapy after witnessing his skin fall off his face but I was the only one who sent him flowers and cards and then were told we had to do a sex scene without a minute to process, we lost 2 stunt doubles, i got cut in the face so close to my eye in a stunt I could have been blind. a woman was left quadriplegic and they tried to blame it on her being on her phone, so much so CW didn’t even help her to start with because they needed to “investigate” so she had to do a go fund me… she’s a PA, they work via phones. Her accident occurred because our show refused to shut down when everyone else did because of Covid. @carolinedries has no heart and wanted us to finish the season throughout the pandemic and I told her it was a bad idea… i told her everyone was too distracted, constantly checking Covid updates checking on friends and seeing riverdale, the flash and super girl shut down already, i felt something bad would happen and @carolinedries maybe visited the set 4 times in a year… UNHEARD OF.. but in those 4-5 visits she decided she could tell me she knew my injury happened on set so i should comply with the PI, yet later denied it entirely and said it happened during yoga lol I don’t do yoga. and now someone will never walk again. We shut down the next day.. not because she almost killed someone but the government pulled it. Also, I fought people on set, yes, not because i wanted to but because I wanted safety. Ask anyone in hair and make up what I did for them, after two were hospitalized, the only people who came out and spoke was Dougray who … talk about unprofessional. Called my agent after my exit to find a way to leave to which she replied.. “break your neck i guess” yet slammed me In the press.. I never raised my voice on set, never have.. Dougray hurt a female stunt double he yelled like a little bitch at women and was a nightmare. He left when he wanted and arrived when he wanted he abused women and in turn as a lead of a show i sent an email out asking for a no yelling policy, they declined.. I was late one time, because I was in hospital. Whoever does these stupid leaks I’m finding out who but it’s Camrus, who after I left hospital said “yeah well maybe if people were not Late we would make our days.. a kid.. a egomaniac kid who worked one day a week had the audacity… or the stunt department who were furious Even though i never blamed them. But i went on fallen and spoke of my injury, and didn’t play the game. Aside from them I was loved and loved my crew. Oh and they wouldn’t drive me to work and knew I couldn’t legally drive after surgery.. so they said “get a taxi”

Rumors about the unsafe working conditions on Batwoman have been swirling for a while, particularly after an accident on-set nearly left Rose paralyzed and resulted in emergency surgery. The new allegations of sexual misconduct against former WB President Roth, and of Dries’s promotion of an unsafe working environment as the pandemic worsened, are impossible to ignore. Given the sheer volume of information Rose shared on Instagram, and the scope of it up to the top of WB Television, it will be interesting to see who, if anyone, comes forward to corroborate her story.

For The CW’s part, it seems they never had any illusions about Ruby Rose returning to Batwoman. Last year the role of Kate Kane was recast with actress Wallis Day, and the series more or less resolved Kate’s storylines and wrote her out of the series to make room for new lead Javicia Leslie‘s Ryan Wilder.

More to come on this, almost certainly.

Updated 1:15 PM PST: WB has issued a statement in response to Rose’s allegations, claiming Rose herself was the subject of complaints about inappropriate behavior on-set:

Despite the revisionist history that Ruby Rose is now sharing online aimed at the producers, the cast and crew, the network, and the Studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to exercise its option to engage Ruby for season two of Batwoman based on multiple complaints about workplace behavior that were extensively reviewed and handled privately out of respect for all concerned.