Last month publisher A Wave Blue World announced Tower, a new five-issue sci-fi series set to debut in February. The series is co-written by Batwoman actor Camrus Johnson and Kelsey Barnhart, with art by ChrisCross and Andrew Dalhouse. Today The Beat is pleased to offer a first look at the solicitation information and finished cover image for the first issue of Tower.

Tower is Camrus Johnson‘s latest foray into the world of comics. The actor has done work previously for DC, primarily focused on his Batwoman character Luke Fox, in the pages of books like Batman: Urban Legends and the Earth-Prime: Batwoman one-shot. Tower marks his first full-length project, and his first creator-owned work.

“At A Wave Blue World, we’re always on the lookout for projects that provide new perspectives on storytelling,” A Wave Blue World President & Co-Publisher Tyler Chin-Tanner told The Beat. “With the ever-increasing impact of virtual reality and gaming on our society, Tower was not only prescient, but highly entertaining to read. The entire creative team came together to make it feel like you were inside a video game while crafting a compelling visual story arc. It’s the total package.”

Tower is more than a high-concept,” editor Joseph Illidge added. “It’s a high-quality examination of what happens when you escape the real world for a high-tech one. Working as an editor with Camrus, Kelsey, and Chriscross on Tower was a career highlight! Team Tower has built a multi-level adventure where you either play hard or die badly, and gaming has more consequences than you think.”

Check out the finished cover and solicitation information for Tower #1 below. The issue is set to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, February 15th.

Real-life contestants battle it out in a video game-style competition to reach the top of the Tower! Cassandra, Kimi, and Mac are thrust into a brutal (and seemingly virtual) world where danger lies in wait around every corner. With no time to solve the mystery of where they are or why they’re here, they’ll have to toughen up and join forces if they intend to survive, using their individualized weapons and animal assistants to outsmart deadly traps and ambushes. But loyalties will be tested, as only one can become the ultimate champion!