The adventures of Drake Mallard aka Disney’s Darkwing Duck are set to release in January, thanks to Dynamite Comics. Amanda Deibert takes on writing duties while Italian artist Carlo Cid Lauro, a member of Mirka Andolfo’s acclaimed Arancia Studio, handles interiors, colors, and a cover. Jeff Eckleberry completes the team on letters while David Nakayama, Mirka Andolfo, Lesley “Leirix” Li, Jacob Edgar, Trish Forstner, and George Kambadais offer variant covers.

Darkwing Duck

Deibert chatted with the Beat to discuss the new installment of the fowl vigilante protector of St. Canard. 

Deanna Destito: How does it feel to bring back such a beloved character?

Amanda Deibert: I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to get to bring back Darkwing. He’s such a fun character and the entire Duckverse is just so much fun!

Darkwing Duck

Destito: Were you a fan of the animated series?

Deibert: Yes, I grew up watching Darkwing as did my younger sisters so it is incredibly fun for me to enjoy the nostalgia. I also re-watched the cartoon with my seven-year-old daughter before I began writing so it was a joy to get to experience it again with her. 

Destito: How did you approach the story for this opening arc?

Deibert: I wanted to do something that felt fun and new, but that also let everyone enjoy the nostalgia and all the characters that made this series so much fun, so it was first thinking about Darkwing as both the hero and Drake Mallard and the constant battles he faces as a hero and a father.. and someone whose ego can sometimes get the best of him. Then it was also about finding a way to allow as many of our favorite friends and villains to join in on the fun as possible. 

Darkwing Duck

Destito: What does this new series have for both old and new fans?

Deibert: For old fans, it has a lot of nostalgia, winks to ‘90s humor, and our favorite Darkwing tropes. For new fans, it’s fun and funny with plenty of action and suspense. 

Darkwing Duck

Destito: How is it working with Dynamite and the creative team?

Deibert: The creative team has been a delight. Carlo Lauro’s art is just exquisite and everyone is so excited to see this book come to life. 

Darkwing Duck

Destito: We’ll see both sides of our hero: the mundane daily life and the superhero life. How did you find that balance and why is it important for us to see Drake from both angles?

Deibert: I am really excited to explore how Drake Mallard balances his “normal” life where he’s a dad and citizen with his more heroic and flashy existence as Darkwing while the city of St. Canard is in CONSTANT danger. I think it’s important to know the duck behind the cape. 

Destito: Favorite character?

Deibert: I love Launchpad and Gosayln a lot but Morgana Macawber is my absolute fave and you’ll see plenty of her in this arc. 

Look for Darkwing Duck #1 on January 4.


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