A Wave Blue World’s beloved Mezo series is getting a spinoff this May, and The Beat has the details! Mezo: The Trial of the Roden is a five-issue limited series co-written by series creator and A Wave Blue World co-founder Tyler Chin-Tanner and Jarred Luján, illustrated by Val Rodrigues, and colored by Gab Contreras and Varga Tomi.

Here’s how A Wave Blue World describes Mezo: The Trial of the Roden #1:

In the land of Mezo, the Tzalekuhl Empire sets out to conquer all surrounding territories, disrupting the peace that has lasted for generations. Only Kyma, the daughter of a fallen chief who refused to yield, stands in their way. In the aftermath of the Battle at Coban Rock, the Empire has reclaimed its dominance, but there is a traitor in the midst. Roden, the once faithful soldier, showed mercy to the enemy by aiding their escape. Now, he faces judgement before the Almighty Kuhl. Who will come to his defense? Old friends, fellow soldiers, and even bitter rivals will decide the fate of the man who once risked everything to save them all.

Inspired by Mesoamerican history and legends, Mezo is a totally unique fantasy adventure driven by war, political intrigue, and ancient magic!

On working with series newcomer Jarred Luján, Chin-Tanner says, “Jarred is simply one of the best, new writers working in comics today. I really wanted to see what he could do with Mezo. He picked up on the story seamlessly and brought such a renewed sense of energy to the characters. I can’t wait to see what he does with the series from here!”

Luján echoes Chin-Tanner’s excitement. “Mezo is incredible and I’m honored to become a part of the team. When I read the first two volumes I was floored at how well Mezo brings together deeply interwoven characters into a bold, new fantasy setting,” he says. “The Trial of Roden is such a good arc for this book, an examination of duty and justice… and how the two aren’t always the same choice. I’m psyched for readers, returning and newcomers alike, to discover the world of Mezo.”

The Beat can reveal Mezo: The Trial of Roden #1 main cover art by Rodrigues, as well as variant covers by Chris Shehan and Maria Wolf. Check them out below.

Mezo: The Trial of Roden #1 cover A by Val Rodrigues
(Cover A by Val Rodrigues)
Mezo: The Trial of Roden #1 cover A by Chris Shehan
(Cover B by Chris Shehan)
Mezo: The Trial of Roden #1 cover D by Maria Wolf
(Cover D by Maria Wolf)

Mezo: The Trial of Roden #1 will be available May 1.