This summer publisher A Wave Blue World will release Mezo: Battle at Cobán Rock #2. The second issue of the five-part miniseries inspired by Mesoamerican history and legends comes from the creative team of writer Tyler Chin-Tanner, artist Val Rodrigues, colorists Gab Contreras and Varga Tomi, and letterer Thomas Mauer. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the issue.

Here’s how A Wave Blue World describes Mezo: Battle at Cobán Rock #2:

In the land of Mezo, the Tzalekuhl Empire sets out to conquer all surrounding territories, disrupting the peace that has lasted for generations. Only Kyma, the daughter of a fallen chief who refused to yield, stands in their way with the aid of the mighty Huax’kin Warriors. Using the battle as a distraction, Itza’be and Zea set out toward the now unguarded Tzalekuhl Palace. They seek the remaining pieces of the Celestial Seed, knowing they must reunite them all before the coming solar eclipse. Meanwhile, Uhna and Balaque head to Cobán Rock hoping they’re not too late to prevent a massacre.

Mezo: Battle at Cobán Rock is the latest book for A Wave Blue World written by Tyler Chin-Tanner, who is also the company’s co-publisher. It’s the writer’s latest collaboration with artist Val Rodrigues, following the two’s pairing on a previous Mezo miniseries, collected as The Rise of Tzalekuhl.

Along with the preview, Chin-Tanner told The Beat a little more about what to expect in the issue, and how Rodrigues has brought the story to life:

“At the start of issue #2, Kyma has joined up with her estranged mother’s tribe, the Kan’kin, after being driven from her own land and watching her father die in the first Tzalekuhl invasion. Together they form a united front against the Tzalekuhl, who are determined to conquer the entire land. My favorite part of what comes next is a scene with Zea, the young disciple of the Zen’talli master, at the World Tree, flying off on a Crested Caracara. She helps keep the tone light as we see the events unfold through the more innocent, and exuberant, eyes of a child.”

“Working with Val Rodrigues has been amazing. He’s really taken this series and made it his own. I knew his work from Deep Roots so I knew he could handle the jungle scenes and some of the odder looking creatures, but he’s really taken great strides in his drawing of people. These characters really spring to life!”

Check out the exclusive five-page preview, as well as artist Terry Blas‘s variant cover for the issue, below. Mezo: Battle at Cobán Rock #2 (of 5) is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, June 1st.