Just a few weeks ago, we were graced with the news of Rebellion Publishing announcing Best of 2000 AD. The 12-issue series made a boom with the publisher announcing that the intent was to introduce new readers to the remarkable British anthology which has been a smash hit in the U.K. since its creation over 40 years ago. Apparently that wasn’t enough news though, and Rebellion followed up just yesterday to show off some of the all-new covers that readers can expect from the anthology.

That’s not getting your attention, eh? I mean, I guess that’s understandable. A lot of you probably read all of this news about writers and artists over at Rebellion like “Um, I have no idea who that is.” Well, aside from definitely needing to expand your mind over to the other side of the pond (because you are missing out, I promise), then you’ll be pleased to hear that each issue will be featuring covers from many superstar artists that have made their name right here in the U.S.

The Wicked + The Divine’s artist Jamie McKelvie will be gracing the cover of the very first of the anthology; followed by Gotham Academy’s Becky Cloonan, The Walking Dead’s Charlie Adlard, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’s legendary Erica Henderson. All of whom will be offering up their own artistic take on the famous lawman of 2000 AD: Judge Dredd.

Below are all four of the new covers that fans can expect come the launch of Best of 2000 AD.

McKelvie, issue #1, April 29,2020
Cloonan, issue #2, May 27, 2020
Adlard, issue #3, June 24, 2020
Henderson, issue #4, July 29, 2020