In Edge of the Night by Sparkleswords, readers are invited to enter a world where werewolves infiltrate cities as well as walk amid breathtaking natural landscapes.

The adventure begins in the woods, where several wolves are hot on the trail of a mysterious quarry. The search party is led by Oste Sighvardson, and it is soon revealed that one of the wolves with which he is traveling is Kit Arnison (Kit’s character description reveals that while this shapeshifter is a cinnamon roll, he could also kill you). 

The pair trails their quarry into the city, eventually entering the library and interrogating the librarian on duty, Tilden Hartsford. Tilden isn’t a huge fan of people, and he’d rather be working on binding books than dealing with library patrons, but he nevertheless does what he can to help Kit and Oste find their missing person. However, when he leads them upstairs, they find several books (like a Treatise on Magic and Medicine) but not the person for whom they have been searching.

After Kit and Oste have left, Tilden stumbles upon the object of their search. Unfortunately, this leads to a bite from the lycanthropic fellow, which is even more complicated than it might initially seem thanks to the fact that Tilden is from another country, making the events a violation of international treaties.

The consequences of the bite lead to Tilden being forced to leave behind his job and responsibilities and travel north with the three shapeshifters. As the four travelers pass through a number of beautiful landscapes, Tilden begins to learn more about what the shape of his new life will be.

Edge of the Night is an ongoing fantasy comic with steadily expanding lore that began in 2017 and is currently in its fourth chapter. You can keep up with updates to Edge of the Night, which are posted on Mondays, by following Sparkleswords on twitter.