Strap on your excitement pants, 2000 AD fans, because Rebellion has just announced a 12-issue monthly anthology boasting the Best of 2000 AD!

Set to begin in April 2020, the title set up to be the ultimate 2000 AD mix-tape; acting as an anthology of full-color stories curated to be accessible to a whole new generation of comic readers who may never have picked up 2000 AD in its traditional format.

As if that wasn’t big enough, the release will mark the first new big monthly title from the British publisher in almost 30 years. The first 100-page issue will be headlined by a self-contained 48-page Judge Dredd adventure, and will be supported by three of Rebellion’s stand-out series.

The new title also boasts brand-new covers from an all-star line-up of New York Times best-selling and Eisner award-winning artists including Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked and The Divine), Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), and Annie Wu (Hawkeye), with more to be revealed later on. And just as a cherry on top, the entire 12-issue volume will feature design by highly-acclaimed Tom Muller, designer for Jonathan Hickman‘s House of X and Powers of X.

“There are very few comics that have had – and continue to have – the impact of 2000 AD,” said 2000 AD editor Matt Smith in a press statement. “But we often hear, ‘where do I start reading?’. With Best of 2000 AD that question has a brand new answer – accessible, contemporary, high-quality story-telling, available every month direct from your local comic book store. There’s never been a better way to discover some of the best modern comics.”

Following Rebellion’s hugely successful “Day of Dredd” in September, which reached over 20 million individual social media accounts and saw international sales spike, during which comic stores, libraries and creators celebrated the cultural impact of the fan-favorite character Judge Dredd, this marks the next step in building a wider international audience, and stands as a major jewel in the crown of Rebellion’s 2020 publishing initiatives.

“It’s called the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic for a reason,” said Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley. “If you love your comics dangerous, thrilling and life-affirming but have never read 2000 AD then this is your moment. This new publication is precision-engineered for new and curious readers. We want this title to convert a whole new generation into 2000 AD readers for life.”

Cover #1 by Jamie McKelvie

The first issue is scheduled for release in late April 2020. It will be available from comic book stores through Diamond Distribution in North America and the UK.