When All My Friends Are Ghosts hits shelves in March, readers will get to meet young Effie, who one day gets the surprise of her life when she discovers that the supernatural entities she loves to write about in her stories are real, after all. What follows is an incredible journey of self-discovery that digs into the power of friendship and trusting yourself, even when everything looks poised to fall apart. Written by S.M. Vidaurri (Iron, Steven Universe) and illustrated by Hannah Krieger (Psychic Mansion), this middle grade graphic novel is sure to be a 2020 favorite from BOOM! Studios’ KaBOOM! imprint.

Today, The Beat has an exclusive first look at All My Friends Are Ghosts, in which we see Effie dealing with some of her everyday struggles. This young misfit will be relatable to plenty of readers of all ages — after all, haven’t we all wanted to run away and find a magical haven at some point or another?

Here’s the full synopsis:

Effie feels a bit lost in her own life. Her mom’s always working, school sucks, and her teacher doesn’t get her fantastical fiction about werewolves and vampires. One day, when she realizes that no one will notice, she escapes from her every day life… and discovers a school for ghosts in the nearby woods! With the help of her new ghostly friends, she enrolls in Minourghast Middle School for Wandering Spirits, but just as she’s beginning to learn all about the amazing things that ghosts can do – like possession, poltergeist-ing, demon magic and more – Effie and her new spirited friends take on the challenge of tracking down and freeing a lost soul. But it’ll take more than ghostly powers to succeed. If Effie’s going to help, she’ll have to look deep within herself and trust the support of her friends.

All My Friends Are Ghosts is available at comic shops and wherever books are sold on March 17, 2020. Check out the preview below and be sure to pre-order a copy ASAP.

All My Friends Are Ghosts All My Friends Are Ghosts All My Friends Are Ghosts All My Friends Are Ghosts All My Friends Are Ghosts All My Friends Are Ghosts All My Friends Are Ghosts