Just the other day we were telling you how Radical Studios has ridden the comics-to-movies rollercoaster to some success with a movie based on the not-really-a-GN Oblivion on its way to a multiplex near you. And now, Variety tells us, they’ve raised $3 million of a wished for $9.5 million to “help broaden its digital strategy and licensing capabilities.” The money came from WolfIskin Prods. [sic], a production company that makes videos and offered Radical some production facilities.
Radical has plans for the money:

Radical hopes it can focus most of its new coin on developing more of its catalog of intellectual property, as opposed to creating projects from scratch. While the studios hang on to most of the ancillary rights to Radical’s films, they don’t get everything.

“Radical reserves a certain kind of digital publishing right that allows us to have a little more creativity in the user interface of the experience, without it being a game,” Berger told Variety , adding that the company hopes to develop different ways for fans to interact with Radical’s content. “We’re always on the hunt for new IP, and we’re always looking to develop new IP with the top creators in the business, and at the same time, we have a tremendous catalog,” he said.

While development is going on, we’re told there is still no release date for the illustrated novel that formed the inspiration for the OBLIVION film.