At the risk of lowering the tone, I relay to you the news of Jane Mai’s Poop Nightmare: so bad it needed capitalization  As someone who lives in an old Victorian house, I can say with the weight of experience that there’s nothing worse than burst pipes, leaky drainage and overflowing toilet: the water seeps everywhere and after the general besiege and running around, the lingering feeling of uncleanliness is awful.

Something similar happened to Jane Mai recently, but by way of a mysterious poop in the tank of the toilet, causing it to flood. You’ll have to click through to Jane’s tumblr for the full story, but I love the way she’s managed to convey the hazy, dream-like sequence feeling to it all (I think the blue paper really helps, white would have been too stark), as she sleepily goes to visit the bathroom and chaos ensues. It all goes downhill from there, with rain boots getting pulled on, peeing in the bath, and my new favourite thing: crazy fried egg eyes. As to whether it actually happened or not, take your best guess…

janemai1 (2)

janemai2 (2)

janemai3 (2)


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