DC has been doing themed variant cover months such as the recent Steampunk on, and in June it’s Bombshells based on artist Ant Lucia’s popular figurines which recast DC heroines as WWII pin-ups.

I just report the news, folks. And you know, different strokes.

ANYWAY, collectibles company Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMx), is releasing posters based on Lucia’s statues and covers. Each poster will be rendered on a museum quality 18”x24” art print and will be priced at $14.95. They are definitely attractive images.











  1. I believe she is wearing jodphurs, Alex. They’re riding britches that are flared at the thighs. Many Golden Age comic book characters wore them.

  2. On the heels of all the recent discussions of inclusion, safe cosplay, and celebrating female comic workers, these images seem inappropriate. Graphically, the Wonder Woman poster is the strongest image to me, but still too much cheese, and too much cake.

  3. Is it really appropriate to have one of these of Stargirl? Isn’t the character supposed to be like 16 or something?

  4. I think they’re awesome! (And I’m a woman btw) As for cheesecake, how is this any worse than how they’re portrayed in the comics? If anything, these “pin-ups” are actually better!

  5. “These don’t seem like NuDC52 images. But then, I Just Don’t Care Anymore.”

    You apparently cared enough to post that.

  6. What’s wrong with picturing Stargirl? (Or Supergirl.)
    Where is the salaciousness?
    Or is it in the eye of the beholder?

    Consider the real-life supermodel Evelyn Nesbit, who posed nude for paintings when she was 17.

    Or Annette Funicello. Or any teen celebrity.

    Yes, adult men will goggle. But that’s a matter of intent. You could place a bombshell inside Iron Man’s armor, and horndogs would still find something to comment about.

  7. I completely agree with the argument of objectifying women.
    It’s hypocritical, but if you like comics, you really have to let a lot of it go, else you miss out on most of the best stories and characters in comic print.
    These are relatively tame compared with the history of women in comics.
    Wonder Woman is the least ‘bad’ of this bunch, and ties as my favorite, with the two ‘worst’, Poison Ivy, and the not shown here Zatanna,
    These designs are my favorite of any statue/figure line to come out in years, I got my preordered calendar in the mail last week. Wish I could afford the Zatanna statue, they appear to have corrected the hack paint job issues so obvious with the first two of the series, Wonder Woman and Batgirl.

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