While American comics publishers are usually secretive about the print runs, apparently Japanese publishers aren’t quite as stingy with numbers. It was just announced that #13the latest volume of Attack on Titan, the international mega hit, had a print run of 2.75 million—a record for Kodansha and a LOT more than the 40,000 print run for the first volume. Anime News Network has put together more 1st printing numbers from Kodansha, Shogakukan, Shueisha from April 2013 through March 2014. While manga sales have been slipping in Japan due to piracy and other factors, the print runs are still massive by US standards. For instance, after Attack on Titan, Saint Young Men Volume 9 printed 935,000 copes and Vagabond vlumer 35 printed 900,000 copies.

For Shogakykan, Silver Spoon volume 11 led the way with 1.2 million, and Detective Conan volume 79 with 700,000. At Shueisha, the grand daddy of tham all is still One PIece, with 4 million copies printed for volume 73, followed by
Naruto Volume 68 1.4 million
Kuroko’s Basketball volume 24 1 million and
Assassination Classroom volume 3 with 1 million

All I can say is: we need to get this thing called Assassination Classroom over here ASAP.


  1. I’ve been enjoying tossing Crunchyroll a few dollars a month to get Attack on Titan’s newest chapters via digital. There’s a world of difference between a professionally done translation and localization and the scanlation stuff with spelling and grammar so bad that it would embarrass a first grader.

  2. I’m a bit surprised by this. Most people I know that used to be heavy into manga gave it up years ago.

  3. Brian,

    That’s surprising to me. All the people I know into manga still are. I keep meeting more and more people who have only read manga for comics.

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