Punisher fans don’t have to wait much longer to see Jon Bernthal return to Netflix in the iconic role of Frank Castle. According to a now-deleted tweet from the Netflix MENA (Middle East and North Africa) account, The Punisher season two will hit the streaming service on Friday, January 18. After the release date hit websites like ComicBook, Marvel posted a 30-second teaser clip for the second season, seemingly to give fans a little taste of what’s to come before Netflix releases the first season trailer.

On Tuesday morning, Marvel tweeted, “Back to work.” In the attached clip, someone burns Frank Castle’s full pardon from Homeland Security, which he received in season one before assuming the new identity of Pete Castiglione.

Previously, Netflix released a brief clip of Frank starting up the battle van, equipped with a gun and a United States road atlas. We’ve yet to see a full trailer for the new season, though between this clip and the one Marvel released on Tuesday, we think it’s safe to assume that Frank is taking care of unfinished business — namely, Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), whom he left in a coma at the end of season one.

In plot details revealed by Collider on Dec. 28, we learned that The Punisher season two is the first Netflix-Marvel season to start outside of New York City, though it eventually makes its way back. According to showrunner Steve Lightfoot, the theme of season two is “about Frank really adopting the mantle of The Punisher.”

We also learned that the main villain of season two is an alt-right Christian fundamentalist. As noted by Forbes, the Punisher skull logo has been co-opted by neo-nazis and gun-toting conservatives for years, despite Frank Castle repeatedly taking down those very figures in the comic books. Now, season two of the Netflix show seems to be drawing a line in the sand.

Bernthal himself has also spoken out against the neo-nazis who wear the Punisher skull. When Esquire asked him about the appearance of the logo on neo-nazis who organized and attended the deadly Charlottesville riots in 2017, he said simply, “Fuck them.”

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