Hello to all and congrats on making another trip around the sun – and now we get to do it all again.

In the past I’ve posted one of J.C. Leyerdecker’s famed “New Years Babies” from 100 years past for the New Year’s image, but artist Steve Leialoha has gone and done the photoshopping for me. Leyerdecker was the regular New Year’s cover artist for the Saturday Evening Post, which was the CNN of the day, and he was a zeitgeist capturer second to none.

And in case you’re wondering, this is a contemporaneous image from New Year’s Day 1940. Because we’ve always had fear and darkness. We’ve always had Russia and China. And there are those who fight. And those who give in.

Leialoha had some other candidates:


Ah the Golden Age of Illustration.

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