The UK’s Nobrow has been putting out some of the most refreshing and visually compelling graphic and comic books thus far this year. In just a few days, they’ll be making the trek over to Brooklyn for BCGF, mixing in their own new releases amongst a flock of other notable debuts. Joe Kessler, a 24-year old London basted cartoonist who currently works for Nobrow, will be premiering his first ever book publication through Breakdown Press with WINDOWPANE, a one-man anthology consisting of a series of allegorical shorts.

While it wasn’t too long ago that Joe graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, he already has a striking body of work to lay claim to. Having worked with London arts magazine and blog It’s Nice That, Joe has also provided his artistic abilities on MWARA no.1, as well as being featured on Nobrow’s 17×23 SHOWCASE.

WINDOWPANE is Joe’s first effort into a solo publication, and so far it seems to be an extremely daring take on graphic narrative. The book is composed of seven stories, each of which is subtly related to the last and all of which are linked by a continuing theme of fire. Joe’s use of color echoes notes of a bizarre tropical familiarity, and his attention to depicting high detail along with utter simplicity make WINDOWPANE a unique visual experience. Joe’s artistic sensibilities lay very closely to some of Nobrow’s more experimental artists, such as someone like Blexbolex. His style is aberrant enough to push his book between being highly illustrative and also falling into a more traditional comics medium. As this is his first book, WINDOWPANE showcases a young developing talent; one that will be very interesting to see where it develops from here.

WINDOWPANE was printed at Camberwell’s Victory Press and published by emerging London-based comics publisher Breakdown Press. Debuting first at BCGF, WINDOWPANE will then have a UK release with a show of Joe’s original drawings, roughs and screen prints from the book beginning November 22nd at 18 Hewett Street Gallery in East London.

Peep these previews Joe sent over, and to see more of his work and process, head over to his blog.


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