The “Fearless” teaser in Marvel NOW! has been unveiled as FEARLESS DEFENDERS by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney, and it will be a buddy book starring Misty Knight and Valkyrie.

Okay, you piqued our interest. Other announced team member: Dani Moonstar. Doubtless Steve Morris is in a coma right now imagining Pixie and Hepzibah joining the team…Marvel…please don’t kill Steve.

Bunn: As we build the team, you’ll see some of the more well-known characters, but I don’t want it to be a team of characters who are all on six other books, either. I think some team members will be definite surprises, if not all of the team. There will be some new characters joining the team, who no one has seen before.

That said, this will also be a book that gives us a great opportunity to showcase the women of the Marvel Universe. You’ll be seeing a lot of characters in the book who may not necessarily be in the core team, but will have the opportunity to guest-star and rotate into the book.


  1. I think this was a case of Cullen Bunn actually pitching this idea to Marvel. So are you suggesting they should say “good idea” and then take it away from him because he isn’t a woman? Are you really suggesting that men are no longer allowed to write women characters in comics?

  2. I’m actually really looking forward to this. Well…I’m keeping an open mind and hoping that the result won’t smack of tokenism but I think there’s some merit in the idea and I’m REALLY interested in this pairing. Looks like it could be fun! :)

  3. Hey Ed, I didn’t join in the “same sex” argument, but I understand it was Cullen’s pitch.

    As I mentioned on Twitter I don’t think women should be restricted to writing women characters, any more than men should be restricted to writing about men. Let’s mix it up!

    I don’t check out a lot of superhero books these days, but I will try to check this one out as I love both Storm and Misty as characters. And to support my homey Will Sliney!

  4. I didn’t mean to imply this should be “reassigned” to women. I’m simply suggesting that more Big Two comics should be created by women, and that a “chick” book (that happens to be created by men) is not a substitute for that.

  5. One reason to have women write titles starring female superheroes is that more women might buy them–but that assumes Marvel would put some effort into marketing them. Teasers aren’t marketing; posting previews on comics Web sites isn’t marketing; advertising, targeting demographic segments, and adjusting pricing are marketing strategies.

    Female writers might also be less inclined to treat the women in their stories as plot devices. One of the major weaknesses in AvX was that both Hope and Wanda were nothing more than vehicles for their powers. Wanda’s been only a vehicle for her power for years now. Writers should be able to come up with story ideas that that treat the heroes and heroines as people.


  6. I’m really pleased to see that a lot of the newer female fans of Marvel, that have come in via the movies, are stoked about this announcement. I hope it proves good reading and popular, and that guys buy it as well.

    I get what Jason is saying though, that this shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for getting more women on books. One doesn’t equal the other, and writers certainly shouldn’t be segregated by gender, but it’s good to see this box being ticked!

    (Personally, I would just kill to see Rucka back on Batwoman or Montoya /wishful thinking.)

  7. This will last all of 6 issues. All it really is, is practice for new Marvel artist Will Sliney. Misty couldn’t last a dozen issues in DnA’s book, good luck here. Let’s be realistic folks.

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