And yet more amazing comics. Please stop by and check these out, and if you can’t go, surf on the links like I’m doing. A lot of great books and new cartoonists to discover.



LondonDeco 001LONDON DECO
Join architectural illustrator Thibaud Herem as he leads us through the streets of London to discover some of the most striking, elaborate, and intriguing art deco buildings in the capital. From imposing, Orwellian giants to the hidden jewels of the thirties, Thibaud takes us on a tour of London’s forgotten architectural masterpieces in an art edition of giant proportions.

Nobrow, $40.00


Nicholas Sumida

NSumida MAUI PRIMEMaui Prime: A Visitor’s Guide

A new collection of illustrations detailing life on a tropical planet inhabited by alien tourists, psychic farmers, flying sting rays, and wild swamps. 
two color risograph printed 
$5 , Table D23


Jesse Eisenhower

Life continues in the gridded but unpredictable world of Scaffold. The centerpiece in this issue is “vvorm”, a city made of sentient viscera. Hand bound with a silk screened cover. Map included. By V A Graham and J A Eisenhower.



BoxBrownSoftcoreSoftcore parts 4 thru 6 by Box Brown
Box Brown’s series about blak magik, toys, modeling, and other assorted weirdness concludes.
self-published, $4 each

KeepFreshKeep Fresh by Zejian Shen
Keep Fresh is a unique work combining the Chinese language with visual storytelling. The story revolves around food delivery, rabbit-dudes and hammers. 44 pages.
Retrofit comics, $6



20131105 200225
Yam Books is excited to be returning to Brooklyn, NYC this weekend to exhibit at the new comics show, Comic Arts Brooklyn (CAB). The show marks the East Coast debut of our newest release, “Hagelbarger and That Nightmare Goat“ by the one and only Renee French. Renee is offering a limited edition hand-drawn secret map print of Hagelbarger’s Hood, each signed with a unique drawing by Renee. Get one FREE at the show with a purchase of Hagelbarger and That Nightmare Goat. These secret maps are not available in stores, so get them with the book while supplies last at the show!

20131105 200152So please pay a visit to Yam Books at the show, won’t you! I will be there with all the Yam Books titles, including Sky in Stereo #2, one of our 2013 releases and the latest great installment by the ever so talented, Sacha Mardou!

Yay for comics and yay for Brooklynnn!



Lost Art of MATT BAKER CoverThe Lost Art of Matt Baker (Vol. 1): The Complete Canteen Kate
Every Canteen Kate story ever published—22 in all—is collected for the first time, judiciously restored and enlarged 20 percent over their original published size. A rich introduction by veteran comics writer Steven Ringgenberg provides insightful historical and biographical context, and a bonus gallery spotlights Baker’s skills as a cover artist.
Paperback ($14.95) and Hardcover ($19.95) / 8½”x11” / 160 pages



PorterSPIDER (COMMA) MAN by Amy Jean Porter
A comic about a man and a spider making asandiches on the anti-social web by Amy Jean Porter (McSweeney’s, Of Lamb). Printed by Flying Object and Good Pals
Hic & Hoc Publications, $12



ANTCOLONY coverANT COLONY by Michael DeForge
Ant Colony immerses the reader in a world that is darkly existential, with false prophets, unjust wars, and corrupt police officers, as it follows the denizens of a black ant colony under attack from the nearby red ants. It plumbs the deepest human concerns—loneliness, faith, love, apathy, and more. All of this is done with humor and sensitivity, exposing a world where spiders can wreak unimaginable amounts of havoc with a single gnash of their jaws.

Drawn & Quarterly, $21.95

SHOWAcoverSHOWA 1926-1939: A History of Japan by Shigeru Mizuki

A master of manga creates a meticulously researched historical portrait of twentieth-century Japan that is also a personal memoir of his experiences. This volume deals with the period leading up to World War II, a time of high unemployment and other economic hardships caused by the Great Depression.

Drawn & Quarterly, $24.95


Joanna Avilez

PoodlePotential for HeidiMacDonaldPOODLE POTENTIAL
Nadine and her pal The Poodle get into lots of shenanigans, funny pants, and crazy poses.
Self-published, $10


Johnny Negron/Floating World
Adapt 450
by Jonny Negron
15″ x 22.75″ broadsheet
The second issue of ADAPT continues Jonny’s adaptation of Return From The Stars, by Stanislaw Lem, a sci-fi exploration of alienation in a utopian society. Also includes ‘Zeitgeist’ an article about Krautrock and European comics by Matt Seneca, illustrated by Jonny Negron.


Desert Island

PhotoDesert Island presents Underworld by Kaz
– over 100 unpublished Underworld strips by Kaz in an oversize newspaper. Kaz himself will be in attendance to sign copies!
$5, Desert Island table U1


Mimi Chrzanowski

Mimi babytownBabytown #3

This comic follows best friends Opera (human?) and D-bby (alien devil dolphin with legs?) as they get carried away further on a birthday adventure they never expected through Baby town aka Hell.
price: $5



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