Reclaiming the great tween girl audience for comics, Papercutz has just released a nw line of comics: Charmz a new imprint that just launched with three titles. It’s just in time for Children’s Book Week  and to add to the growing list of comics for kids.

The line is edited by Mariah Huehner, an ex Vertigo and IdW editor (and, disclosure, a sometime Beat contributor) and all that taken into account, I can’t think of a better person to run the line.

With the success of DC Superhero Girls, it’s never been clearer that there’s an eager audience for imaginative material in this format for girl comics readers, and I salute Papercutz for jumping on this trend despite comics recent history of ignoring it.

Here’s the line-up:

STITCHED (1).jpg


  • STITCHED by NYT bestselling author Mariah McCourt (Emily & The Strangers) and Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose). Crimson Volania Mulch has a problem; she just woke up in a crypt and, besides her name, has no idea of who, where, or what she is. Welcome to the Cemetery of Assumptions, a vast landscape of stones, mausoleums, and secrets. Home to monsters and mayhem, it may also hold the answers to her unknown parentage. Crimson is a resourceful patchwork girl and determined to find them. Along the way, she meets the mysterious Wisteria, who has a tendency to change and a witch named Parameter whose spells tend to go awry. And two boys, Simon and Quinton, who make her feel something besides lost and confused. She must battle ghosts, zombies, and monsters in order to learn where she came from and who her real “mother” is. But will she do it alone, or will she have help from her new friends and unexpected crushes?



  • CHLOE by Greg Tessier and Amandine.  Everything was wonderful for young Chloe Blin―she loved her family, even despite their affectionate nickname for her. But everything changes when she starts at a new school. Suddenly, her family is just embarrassing! Chloe wants to meet new people and make new friends, especially with a certain Alexandre, but she’s not sure what to say or wear or who to trust. The home room fashionistas are only too happy to tell her how her clothes look, but can they really be her friends? And what if everyone heard her family’s name for her?


  • SWEETIES by Veronique Grisseaux and Anna Merli. Cherry Costello’s father owns a successful candy store franchise with best-selling chocolates. When her father remarries to the Tanberry family, Cherry now has four new half-sisters and must start at a new school in a new town. Trouble arises as Cherry meets Shay, the boyfriend of her older half-sister, Honey. Plus, the Tanberry twins Skye and Summer learn life is not identical for the both of them. It’s going to take a sweet miracle to overcome the sour tensions in this household!


And here’s a look inside Stitched:

stitch_ebook 6stitch_ebook 7stitch_ebook 8stitch_ebook 9stitch_ebook 10stitch_ebook 11