Free Comic Book Day 2017

Silver Sponsor Comics

(W) Mauro Boselli (A/CA) Pasquale Frisenda

Tex gets a letter from the other end of the world sent by an Argentinian army officer asking him for help in an extremely sensitive mission. Tex chooses to help a friend, but situation quickly escalates forcing him to make a difficult moral decision. Don’t miss this international multiple-award winner! [TEEN]

[Epicenter Comics? A new publisher, mostly of Italian imports. Tex is a good read, if you like historical westerns. Is there a growing market for continental comics? I hope so!]

(W) Joe Kelly (A/CA) Ilya

A mysterious wildboy becomes an unwilling guide to the dysfunctional “First Family in Space” when they crash land on his primordial and dangerous planet. “Kid Savage” must help a disconnect science-minded dad, his nervous son, and too-cool-to-care daughter survive the rigors of his world if he is to learn the true meaning of family and make amends for the sins of his mysterious past. Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Big Hero 6, Camp Midnight, I Kill Giants) presents this epic all-ages adventure from the minds of Joe Kelly and Ilya. [ALL AGES]

[You had me at “Man of Action”!  Plus there’s a preview for Pix, where she appears on a daytime talk show! Both graphic novels are available now!]

(W) Alejandro Jodorowsky (A) Moebius, Moebius

In its first ever FCBD offering, Humanoids presents one of the most influential and original comics in sci-fi history: The Incal. A full 30 pages of the seminal work originally published in Métal Hurlant and created by the artists’ artist Mœbius and the avant-garde director, writer, mime and spiritual guru Alejandro Jodorowsky. A perfect introduction to Humanoids, and specifically to the “Jodoverse,” an incredible and continually expanding sci-fi universe, full of love, revenge, intrigue, betrayal, and redemption. [MATURE]

[The first 28 pages! Not much more to say…grab it if you can!]

(W) Tom Waltz (A/CA) Cory Smith

Prequel to the upcoming TMNT: Dimension X 5-week event this August! Krang was defeated by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now awaits trial in Dimension X. Little do the Turtles know that Krang hired an assassin to destroy everyone who might testify against him, including themselves! This issue introduces a deadly and weird new villain, and begins the biggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adventure in space ever! [ALL AGES]

[This seems like a Zero Issue, as the Turtles must go to Dimension X to find and safeguard witnesses who will testify against war criminal Krang. Flashbacks bring readers up to speed.]

(W) Noah Van Sciver, Simon Hanselmann, Jason, Ed Piskor, Liz Suburbia, Dash Shaw, Richard Sala, Emil Ferris (A) Noah Van Sciver, Simon Hanselmann, Jason, Ed Piskor, Liz Suburbia, Dash Shaw, Richard Sala, Emil Ferris

The Publisher of the World’s Greatest Cartoonists has pulled out the stops for this year’s Free Comic Book Day, commissioning all-new, exclusive work from the following comics heavyweights: Noah Van Sciver (Fante Bukowski), Simon Hanselmann (Megahex), Jason (Los Cat), Ed Piskor (Hop Hop Family Tree), Liz Suburbia (Sacred Heart), Dash Shaw (Cosplayers), Richard Sala (The Bloody Cardinal), Emil Ferris (My Favorite Thing is Monsters), and others. Each artist has created a new piece exclusively for Free Comic Book Day that relates to their latest book, making World’s Greatest a must-have for Fantagraphics fans. [MATURE]

[56 pages of original work, some of it never to be collected? 16 all-star creators!]

(W) Christopher Priest, Joseph Illidge (A/CA) Marco Turini, Jessica Kholinne

A mission to save the world from a rapidly-approaching asteroid changes the lives of five astronauts forever, and begins the rise of superhuman beings on Earth. Catalyst Prime: The Event, written by Christopher J. Priest (Deathstroke, Black Panther) and Joseph Phillip Illidge (Solarman), with art by Marco Turini (Secret Wars: Battleworld) and Jessica Kholinne (Secret Wars: Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde)! This FCBD one-shot launches the much anticipated Catalyst Prime universe and lays the groundwork for what’s to come! [TEEN]

[Hmmm… intriguing…. What if Lex Luthor manipulated events to create superheroes?]

(W) Scott Westerfeld (A/CA) Alex Puvilland

It’s the night of the Po-town Spill, and things are getting weird. Strange lights fill the sky, the house across the street is melting, and the neighbors are turning into meat puppets. Lexa’s big sister and parents are gone, and all she has for company in this calamity is her rag doll, Vespertine. Luckily, since the Spill began Vespertine can talk, and has plenty to say. [TEEN]

[A prequel chapter to Spill Zone. Love the color effects! From First Second, so it’s definitely worth a look!]

(W) Jody Houser (A) Emi Lenox (CA) Paolo Rivera

A brand new, never-before-seen story set in the world of manga megahit Attack on Titan, written by Jody Houser (Faith, Orphan Black) with art by Emi Lenox (Plutona, EmiTown)! Plus, information about the highly-anticipated season two of the anime and more exclusives! [TEEN]

[A very slim issue, with a story from the western AoT anthology. The story’s okay…you don’t need to know much about the series. For fans, there are extras in the back.]

First, blast off with Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot as they head for the stars and right into an all-new ongoing series! Creators Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder and Ive Svorcina bring you over-the-top action and out-of-this-world adventure as the stage is set for May’s highly anticipated All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1! As this unlikely band of misfits returns to outer space once more, nothing will prepare them for their first run in with the new Nova Corps!
Then, head back down to Earth and the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen as the blockbuster creative team that brought you Civil War II, Invincible Iron Man and Ultimate Spider-Man bring you their next explosive epic in…The Defenders! Superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez and Justin Ponsor unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist as they go head-to-head with the new criminal element in the Marvel Universe. What new player is running things in the underworld? Find out here with a 10-page tale that leads directly into The Defenders #1 this June! [TEEN]

[Two new villains introduced! Two introductory stories. What happens next?]

(W) Sarah Kuhn, Tini Howard (A/CA) Jules Rivera, Alitha Martinez

Barbie makes her triumphant return to comics with two all-new adventures. First, Barbie starts her new career in the fashion industry! But is working as an intern to top designer Whitney Yang what she always dreamed of? Then, Barbie is the space Princess Barbie as she heads on a Star Light Adventure! Soar off with Barbie and her friends as she saves an endangered eco-system on the planet Para-Den! Let Papercutz be your cosmic guides! [ALL AGES]

[Two excerpts from Barbie graphic novels! Barbie is an eco-warrior!]

(W) Luke Pearson (A/CA) Luke Pearson

The last time anyone saw Hilda, she had lost all her clothes, turned into a troll, and woke up in a cave! (Her hair, thankfully, is still blue.) And while our fearsome young adventurer loves a surprise, she’s still got school to worry about! With the help of her mom, magic and some new friends, our young hero will be home and human before she knows it. Hopefully, that is! [ALL AGES]

[Hilda gets turned into a troll! And a funny animal dystopic comic story. Ain’t comics grand?!]

(W) John Allison (CA) Sarah Stern (A/CA) John Allison

Catch up with the strange and delightful world of Bad Machinery for Free Comic Book Day 2017! Featuring an excerpt from The Case of the Forked Road, the seventh book in John Allison’s award-winning Bad Machinery series, this issue introduces readers to the wonderfully surreal town of Tackleford and its resident adolescent mystery solvers. This story finds our young sleuths facing the intricacies of time and space itself. What is their science teacher hiding? Who is the mysterious Calvin, why is he dressed like it’s 1960, and why is he obsessed with Communists? Can Shauna, Lottie, Mildred, Linton, Jack, and Sonny solve the case before time and the universe as they know it unravels? [ALL AGES]

[You know how Free Comic Book Day is supposed to expose you to new comics? This is the title for me! Seven volumes? Three time YALSA pick?! And they solve mysteries!]

(W) Jeff McClelland (A/CA) Duane Redhead

The Tick celebrates FCBD 2017 with 32 pages of full-color fun! In the all-new 15-page lead, “Happy Birthday, Tick!”, The Tick throws himself the ultimate super-party! But he invites both good guys and bad guys, figuring everyone can be pals in the interest of birthday celebrating! Party plans may go awry when The Terror attends along with his ninjas! Backup story: the presidential election saga, “Civic Duty”, previously only seen in a limited convention special. 29 pages of FCBD fun! This is going to be a BIG year for The Tick with the new Amazon TV show! [ALL AGES]

[Lots of zany fun, as always! The Tick celebrates his birthday! And gets topical!]