Halloween is over.  The pumpkins are smashed, costumes are stuffed into the back of closets and minds, and turkey lines have started to form in front of Trader Joe’s.  You know what that means– it’s time to think about Christmas!  In Riverdale!  Jughead and Archie Comics Annual #17 comes out tomorrow, and the perennial high schoolers have some new misadventures up their sleeve…


Christmas is coming to Riverdale! Archie and Jughead decide to score points with their principal, Mr. Weatherbee, by generously donating a Christmas tree to Riverdale High. They choose the best—and biggest—tree the Christmas tree farm has to offer. But when the boys run into some issues with transporting the gigantic fur, their generous idea may turn into more trouble than it’s worth! Find out if they can get on Mr. Weatherbee’s good side and spread some Christmas cheer—or if they’ll be spending their holidays in detention in “Trees are the Times,” the hilarious holiday brand new story that starts off this Comics Annual!

Script: Fernando Ruiz

Art: Fernando Ruiz

Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Peña

On Sale Date: 11/11

192-page, full color comic

$5.99 U.S.

Check out The Comics Beat’s exclusive preview below.  Click to enlarge the images:


JugheadAndArchieComicsDoubleDigest_17-2 JugheadAndArchieComicsDoubleDigest_17-3 JugheadAndArchieComicsDoubleDigest_17-8 JugheadAndArchieComicsDoubleDigest_17-9