Per The Hollywood Reporter, Watchmen and Supernatural actor (among a million other things, where he usually dies) Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined the cast of The Walking Dead as the series’ new big threat, Negan.

According to THR’s sources, Negan will first appear in the Season 6 finale, directed by Greg Nicotero, and is the leader of a group called The Saviors, who take over other communities by force. This brings them in direct opposition with the crew in Alexandria and series hero Rick Grimes.

Negan, in the comics, also does something pretty awful with his baseball bat, dubbed “Lucille”; at least for fans of a certain character. Though, given recent events, this may or may not come to pass.

Morgan’s new role has been teased for a while, with various actors linked to it like Jon Hamm and Walton Goggins. But Morgan marks a nice surprise addition to the series, and provided AMC can manage how often the character drops the f-word, The Walking Dead should have a new iconic villain.


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