Robert Kirkman celebrated 20 years of The Walking Dead and Invincible with his diehard fans at NYCC 2023The special anniversary panel offered audience members a chance to hear the creator talk in-depth about each comic while also answering some of their top questions about the franchises and their various incarnations. 

Robert Kirkman

The writer was friendly and upbeat throughout, joking with the audience, especially when too much praise came his way. His answers were modest and self-deprecating but in a likable, humble way. For someone with such a following and such massively successful franchises, it was nice to see. 

One fan asked if more stories were going to be released, especially after Negan Lives one-shot that came out in 2020. While Kirkman enjoyed returning to the universe and writing Negan specifically, there are no plans at this time for more. But fans can check out Clementine from Tillie Walden, which is set in Kirkman’s Dead world but features a coming-of-age tale for younger readers.

For TWD fans, Kirkman reflected on how translating the comic to the small screen was often challenging and how he had to adjust how he wrote the scripts to accommodate the restrictions of Hollywood and special effects.

“There would be times where I’d be like forty zombies go over here. And then they’d be like, you get eight,” Kirkman shared. “And I wrote an episode in season four that takes place at night, and I’m used to writing comics. You write a script and the artist does all the work. And I was doing night shoots for like 16 days, and I had to get up and stay up until like six in the morning. That’s no fun.”

For Invincible, Kirkman shared big news about new collected editions hitting in November that will feature gorgeous covers and a fresh look perfect for your bookshelf. 

Both properties have new merch out or coming out (Lucille pen for your Negan fans) as well as plenty of tabletop, dice, and video games that serve as companion pieces, especially for TWD. The big surprise was the trailer for Mortal Kombat 1 which features Omni-Man (voiced by J.K. Simmons).


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