Miss Fury is a golden age heroine who was actually crated by a lady cartoonist, June Tarpe Mills. Originally published by Timely, Miss Fury was a rich socialite who donned a black panther costume to fight crime, as so many women of the era did, or at least women in comics books.

She’s come back a few times, from Malibu and now Dynamite in a second series of adventures, this time written by Corrine Bechko with art by Jonathan Lau and some lovely covers by always impressive Tula Lotay.

Here’s a preview of the interiors; #1 hits April 6.

The Golden Age heroine returns! New York during the second World War is a place of mystery and intrigue, but with all our boys fighting in Europe, who will stand up to the forces of darkness at home? Miss Fury is ready to step into the breach, but even she doesn’t understand the shadow she carries within herself. Is it a force of good or of evil? And can she learn to control it in time to stop the deadly attack that threatens to destroy the Big Apple?


Writer: Corinna Bechko
Art: Jonathan Lau
Genre: Superhero
Publication Date: April 2016
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
UPC: 725130246509 01051
Rating: Teen +
Cover A: Tula Lotay
UPC: 725130246509 01011
Cover B: Jonathan Lau
UPC: 725130246509 01021







  1. I can’t help thinking that her cape is going to get her killed, or at least sued by some member of the Bat-family. She might be better off without it.

  2. At least the art is nice and there are no broke back poses, but this is not the Miss Fury that I know and love. The scripter would do better to read the reprints and better understand her character.

  3. I’m not one to argue with Trina – she’s smarter than me, more talented than me and more charming than me. (And I love the original Miss Fury and really enjoyed the IDW reprints too.) But artist Jonathan Lau is hard-working, pushes his limits with every page and I appreciate what team Dynamite is doing with this character. And that Tula Lotay cover -wow!

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