DC’s big Summer event, Metal by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, hit us with a bang this week and was basically the talk of the comics internet. It was a bonkers (in a great way), and ended in such an audacious fashion that there’s no doubt that its creative plans on leaving everything on the field.

But if Metal is what Batman and his Justice League counterparts are up to, how do the ramifications of this event affect some of DC’s other big players? That’s where Teen Titans #12 comes in, as our heroes find themselves a part of the “Gotham Resistance” due to the events of Metal, and find themselves trapped in a Ridder-esque labyrinth (nice nod to the Timmverse Riddler!).

Teen Titans #12 by Benjamin Percy and Mirko Andolfo hits stores in September.

Next up, here’s a closer look at the evil Batmen that are popping up out of the Dark Multiverse thanks to the machinations of Barbatos:

On the Batman meets Cyborg-side, here’s Batman: The Murder Machine #1 by Frank Tieri and Ricardo Federici, which will be on shelves September 27th:

Or how about what would happen if Batman had the powers of The Flash? That’s where Batman: The Red Death #1 by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico, out September 20th, comes in:

And lastly, what if a young Bruce Wayne got a hold of a Green Lantern ring upon the murder of his family? Nope, it’s not Batman: In Darkest Knight (remember that book? He got the ring there in his study during his “Father, I shall become a bat!” moment), it’s a new twist on that Batman as Green Lantern tale in Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1 by Sam Humphries and Ethan Van Sciver, out October 4th:


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