You’re probably sick and tired of the disturbing news that the US has been embroiled in for the last week. But in case you aren’t – or are, like The Beat, just glued to the Internet and TV with your eyelids propped up, here are some comics about recent events and background. 

All the way back in February, Ben Passmore, creator of the multi-award nominated classic “Your Black Friend” posted “Take ‘Em Down” at The Nib, which I HIGHLY recommend reading for background on the civil war monuments that kicked off the current crisis.  BTW, I’m as big a fan of art preservation as the next gal, but these statues, far from being individual works of art, were mass produced to be erected in towns. If you want to see Civil War statues done right go visit Gettysburg or some other Civil War battlefield where you can read about the tens of thousands of people who died, and see statuary in a solemn, appropriate setting. 


I may have even linked to Maia Kobabe’s Strength Through Unity: How To Spot Fascism Before Its Too Late before, but here it is again becuase it’s GOOD. Kobabe has produced a print copy of eir comics which you can purchase here to leaflet the neighborhood if you need to. 

Cory Thomas’s “Wake Up America! Terrorism is Here!” Won’t come as a surprise to too many, but makes a clear point.

Have another good link? Put it in the comments.