Let’s get cosmic with the original. Jim Starlin continues his busy chronicling of the life of cosmic comics icon Adam Warlock with THE INFINITY ENTITY, a new limited series written by Starlin and drawn by Alan Davis. Can you saw classic comics team-up?

Spinning directly out of the New York Times Bestselling Thanos: The Infinity Revelation and Thanos: The Infinity Relativity – follow Adam Warlock on a desperate quest that leads directly into the final chapter of Starlin’s epic trilogy, Thanos: The Infinity Finale! A quest that will cross paths with the original Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and cosmic beings with the power to unmake entire universes! Can he reclaim his memories and become the hero he once was? Find out as Starlin and Davis bring you a cosmic thrill ride this March in THE INFINITY ENTITY #1!
THE INFINITY ENTITY #1 (of 4) (JAN160725)
Written by JIM STARLIN
Art & Cover by ALAN DAVIS





Variant Covers by RON LIM (JAN160726) 


& MARCO RUDY (JAN160727)
FOC – 02/15/16, On-Sale – 03/09/16


  1. @zach: Actually, Davis has said that he’s really pleased to be working with a writer who’s also an artist, and therefore knows something about visual storytelling–unlike some of the other writers with whom he’s worked at Marvel in recent years. He doesn’t name names, but I’d guess Bendis has to be the top of that list. Perhaps Brubaker, too? Hopefully not Al Ewing, with whom I thought Davis made really good comics. What other writers has Davis worked with at Marvel recently?

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