Abhay Khosla is one of the most entertaining and brutal comics pundits/reviewers out there. And his The TCJ 2015 Year-in-Review Spectacufuck leaves only bloody corpses behind with a month by month look back at 2015’s biggest kerfuffles, craziest squabbles, and most mindblowing snits, Like the way everyone got mad at Jill Lepore for letting her kids read comics:

Now, the point being made was even more unbelievable! Harvard professor and frequent New Yorker author Jill Lepore had looked at a Marvel Comics Secret War tie-in imaginatively-titled A-Force. Rather than write an in-depth and exhaustive essay about it, as she had with, say, her (quite spectacular) essay on disruptive innovation, Lepore wrote a tongue-in-cheek goof-off piece about how lady superheros looked “ridiculous” and “like porn stars,” and how she had showed A-Force to two boys who were both bored and confused.

Alternate possible titles for the New Yorker article: “Human Being has Ordinary Reaction”, “Children Prefer Entertainment”, “Serious Writer Decides to Have Some Fun Because Not Everything in Universe Needs to be Taken Seriously”, or “Pagaste por esa mierda, cabron?” (to attract that lucrative Spanish-language audience, at least if Google Translate can be trusted. Thanks, Google Translate!).

I’m shuddering to think of where I’ll come in, but I’ll take it on the chin. In a post on his Tumblr Khosla reveals that he himself is a big stinky coward and won’t allow comments and is in fact, dropping his bombs and then going on internet vacation! Talk about no fucks were given:

comic book nerdery: over at the Comics Journal, I got some hockey-goon writing running between today and Friday – it’s a 4-part, novella-length month-by-month recap of 2015′s comics news, controversies, gossip,triumphs and embarrassments, with one intermission and endnotes.  It’s the Spectacufuck!  
No comment sections on the entries; notifications of responses to this blog have been turned off; the Ask Box is closed; and except for pre-loaded reminder posts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (sorry), I’m on internet vacation until next week.  If you have any issues with anything I wrote, shout it into twitter, you chumps!  Byeeeeeeeeee. 

Mic drop.


  1. Abhay is the greatest (anything) on the internet. He is my blog, my youtube, my porn. Long live and eviscerate, Abhay.

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