Described on Error 404 Game Studios’ site as a “frenetic 3D brawler” about “a duo of misfit demons fighting hordes of mutants, fiends, and angelical machines alike,” Obey Me transports players into the middle of a millennial-long conflict between Heaven and Hell. Now fans of the game will have a companion comic with Dynamite’s Obey Me series. Issue #0 hits stores on March 6 and features Vanessa Held, a low-ranking demon in the service of Ammon the Archduke of Greed. Along with her hellhound Monty, the pair is tasked with collecting souls, specifically that of a nefarious Mafia Don trying to get out of his contract with the demon.

Written by Mario Mentasti (who is also lead scribe on the game) and with art by Ben Herrera (Adventures of the X-Men) and Emmanuel Ordaz Torres (Stargate Universe), issue #0 features two variant covers by Herrera and letters by Justin Birch (Zombie Tramp). The Beat got a sneak peek at the first few pages.

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