Chris Roberson (w)
Jonathan Lau (a)
Jae Lee, Jonathan Lau (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Operative 1001 has managed to locate the hidden headquarters of the shadowy organization that is driving the world to the brink of war. But even if he manages to rescue Operator 5 and the other prisoners, what then? Locating the enemy is one thing, but stopping the enemy’s plan is something else entirely. And what of the mysterious Dr. Thorpe? Is the scientist behind the doppelganger procedure more than he appears to be?


  1. This has been an outstanding mini-series so far, one that reads much more like a novel than as a serialized comic story. It takes a compelling, serious approach to setting up (what at least looks to be) Captain Action’s back story.

  2. Dynamite needs to let more people know that the book’s actually ending with issue #5, not with #6. Since Roberson said in interviews it turns out it only took him that long to tell the story.

  3. Beautiful looking art. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Hopefully, they’ll put the mini-series in a trade paperback when it wraps up. Love seeing how the Captain Action universe has evolved.

  4. Really, really enjoyed this issue. This story is topping itself each and every month. Unique panel transitions, (i.e. the art is really cool). This Roberson guy gets “it”. Treating Captain (Codename) Action with deserved old school respect, while putting a new, fresh 21st century origin into place. This is agent 1001’s origin, and I am excited that there can tales of ‘classic’ Captain Action agents. Great cliff-hanger! Great guest cast! and Great easter egg cameo’s! This is a true all ages book!

  5. “true all ages book…” You nailed it bro. With the Big Two still trying to figure out what and who their target market is, it’s refreshing to see something this good that I can hand to my kids (9 and 12) when I’m done reading and have them enjoy it too in this medium. Schools nowadays are focusing on chapter books and biography stuff, but it’s like pulling teeth to get my boy to want to read. This–he reads. Been following CA since the beginning and appreciate what they’ve done with this character. Love the CA logo…love the cliff hangers. I’m in for the long run with this. Top notch stuff!!

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