It’s called Namco High and it’s a browser based dating sim game, developed for Shifty Look by What Pumpkin Studios and Date Nighto LLC under the creative direction of Homestuck’s Andrew Hussie.


You play the cousin of the prince from Katamari (the cousin’s gender is not named) and then you can date various Namco Bandai video game characters. Free characters include Galaga (from Galaga), Lolo (from Klonoa), Valkyrie (from Legend of the Valkyrie), Anti-Bravoman (from Bravoman), Meowkie (from Mappy) and Albatross (from Rolling Thunder); for some extra moolah you can flirt awkwardly with Taira (from Genpei Tomaden), Blue Max (from Sky Kid), Akiho Matsuo (from Wonder Momo), Nidia (from Dragon Spirit), Tomari (from Ordyne), Donko (from Taiko Drum Master), Hiromi (from Burning Force), Mr. Driller (from Mr. Driller), Richard Miller (from Time Crisis), and the three Homestuck character exchange students: Terezi Pyrope, Jane Crocker and Davesprite. Dating packs run about $4.95 or you can get everyone from $14.95.

I have to admit I’m old and I don’t know what I even just typed, except that you can play a high school dating game where Homestuck characters meet Galaga.
There’s more information from the developers in this interview, but there’s also this quote from Hussie:

I think I know what the people want, I said. What they WANT, is to be able to manipulate their favorite classic video game characters into a variety of lurid but safe-for-work romantic encounters. What they WANT, for instance, is to cajole a cute Katamari into some sort of kissing situation with the spaceship from Galaga.

For those still scratching their heads, Hussie is the creator of Homestuck, aka MSPaint Adventures, a massive online webcomic/game that has an army of teenaged acolytes. As far as I can tell, this is his first big venture outside Homestuck so…I’ll be curious to see how it works out, if I can figure out what’s happening.


  1. I played through the Davesprite thing on Namco High and, it was short, but I was touched. Maybe it was because I actually read Homestuck but I didn’t expect to be so sad when it ended. I’m going to venture into more characters soon but I just wanted to put that out there

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