Valiant is on a big Bloodshot kick today, reporting that Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 set records as the highest-selling Bloodshot comic in the modern Valiant era (which means post-2012) while also previewing the next issue of Bloodshot Rising Spirit.

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1, which came out Wednesday, marked a creative changing of the guard for the character, who’s been written with regularity in recent years by Jeff Lemire. Bloodshot’s trio of new writers are Lonnie Nadler (Cable), Zac Thompson (Relay, The Dregs), and Kevin Grevioux (New Mutants). The artist on the book is Ken Lashley, most recently of Marvel’s X-Men. Valiant didn’t offer specific sales figures for the new book, simply noting it had sold more than Bloodshot #1 (2012), Bloodshot Reborn #1 (2015), and Bloodshot Salvation #1 (2017).

A Bloodshot movie also began filming recently, as evidenced here by Vin Diesel, who’s probably going to be playing Bloodshot. Anyway, here’s a preview of the second issue, complete with some unfinished art:

As first revealed at Graphic Policy, Valiant is proud to debut your first look at BLOODSHOT RISING SPIRIT #2, the next chapter in an unstoppable new series delving deep into the violent legacy of the man-turned-machine known as…Bloodshot!

Bloodshot’s handlers have a problem: Their valuable asset isn’t quite the blank slate they’d hoped for and keeps rejecting the false memories they attempt to implant into his mind. Can Project Rising Spirit recoup their losses and produce the perfect supersoldier at last – or is their new prototype at risk of being shelved permanently?

On December 19th, celebrated writer Kevin Grevioux (the Underworld franchise, New Warriors) and acclaimed artist Ken Lashley (X-Men) deliver a powerful blow to the freshly rewritten psyche of Valiant’s larger-than-life legend in BLOODSHOT RISING SPIRIT #2 – featuring covers by Felipe Massafera (Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors), Leif Jones (GENERATION ZERO), and Leonardo Manco (Hellblazer)!

But first: Next week on November 14th, don’t miss the beginning of this brand-new adventure with BLOODSHOT RISING SPIRIT #1! Created by a brutal brain trust of comic elites that includes Kevin Grevioux, Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson (Cable), and artist Ken Lashley, the definitive origin story of Valiant’s walking weapon of war can now be told – featuring covers by Felipe Massafera (Kong of Skull Island), David Mack (Kabuki), Staz Johnson (Robin), and Doug Braithwaite (SHADOWMAN)!





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