Livewire #1 is due out next month from writer Vita Ayala (Submerged, The Wilds) and the art team of Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín (Secret Weapons, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior), and today Valiant comics has a new preview to stoke the excitement.

As the publisher says below, Livewire has spent years as “an integral supporting character within the Valiant Universe.” How integral? Well, most recently she appeared at the center of Valiant’s big summer crossover event, Harbinger Wars 2.

This marks Livewire’s first proper solo ongoing series. It also marks the first work at Valiant for Ayala, a rising writer in comics who has had much critical success with indie publishers like Black Mask Studios and Vault Comics. Ayala has also written for Marvel and DC, perhaps most notably co-authoring an issue of Supergirl with Steve Orlando. The art team of Allen and Martin, however, is one of the best and most-used at Valiant, having worked on a number of the publisher’s key titles.

Preview text and artwork from Valiant follow:

After years as an integral supporting character within the Valiant Universe, Livewire is finally getting her very first chance to shine in this brand new solo series – one that picks up with a brand new jumping-on point for longtime Valiant fanatics and new readers alike! Rising star writer and Valiant newcomer Vita Ayala is joined by the fan-favorite art team behind WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR and SECRET WEAPONS – Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín – to go deeper into the complex psyche of Valiant’s technopathic titan than ever before, and explore exactly what it means to be a hero… especially in a world where your reputation is defined by your last big mistake!

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