If you’re a Sabrina the Teenage Witch fan who was put off by the much darker Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you’re in luck! Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive first look at a new Archie Comics mini-series launching in 2019 that will modernize the classic Sabrina character we all love, sans the Dark Baptism and Satanic imagery of more recent incarnations. Readers will follow Sabrina as she moves to Greendale with her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, and attempts to navigate high school while her magical powers emerge.

According to EW, the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be written by Kelly Thompson (West Coast AvengersHawkeye) and illustrated by husband-and-wife team Veronica and Andy Fish.

Sabrina is one of the most fascinating and story-rich properties at Archie, so I feel incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to build in that world, and with [Archie Comics co-president] Alex Segura, someone I’ve been hoping to work with for a long time now,” Thompson told EW in a statement. “Because Chilling Adventures of Sabrina already exists and is brilliant, readers should expect something a little different in our book, a modern interpretation of the classic. One of my favorite things to do is come in and modernize a wonderful classic, and I hope with this incredible team on board we can do something really special with Sabrina.”

Veronica Fish told the outlet, “I actually grew up in the Greendale area of Massachusetts and had a moody black cat named Sam. But I couldn’t, and still can’t, do magic.”

In addition to revealing the cover for Sabrina the Teenage Witch issue #1, EW also revealed some of the Fishes’ character designs — which seem to draw inspiration from the 2014 Archie Horror series but also bear in mind the desire to keep the story on the lighter side. Take a look!


  1. Are they ever going to finish the 2nd story arc from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? It makes no sense.

    CAOS becomes a hit in the comics world, and is developed for a tv show. TV show becomes a hit, so now the comic company decides to do a comic that is a throwback to the old comic and tv show, while ignoring the super hot popularity of the current horror themed comic and show.

  2. Did you not read the article? This is in answer to the large number of fans who don’t like the direction SABRINA took with the horror comics and the show. They are two separate animals. I’m thrilled this is coming out.

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