Today cartoonist Jeremy Haun launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new horror anthology. The appropriately named Haunthology is a 144-page hardcover collection of horror stories written and illustrated by Haun. Now The Beat is pleased to debut an exclusive look at one of the stories from the new book, “All The Stars.”

Jeremy Haun is best known as the co-creator of books like The Beauty (with co-writer Jason A. Hurley) and The Realm (with writer Seth M. Peck) for Image Comics. Haun has also done notable work for DC Comics, including runs illustrating the New 52 Batwoman and Constantine series.

In a statement announcing the project, Haun described how the past year’s COVID-19 pandemic inspired and influenced his work on the book:

“HAUNTHOLOGY is a collection of short horror stories that examines all of the things we felt over the past year and a half during Covid. Each story stands on its own, but also connects to a bigger mythos within the book and my larger oeuvre,” Haun explains. “When the comics industry went ‘Pencils Down,’ leaving many comic writers and artists in professional limbo, I needed something to focus on. For me, that focus is telling stories. I decided to focus on one story—just a short feeling. That led to another. And another. The cumulative work is this anthology.”

In hyping the Haunthology on social media, Haun shared a trailer for the forthcoming collection that features a look at more of his art from the book:

He also offered a glimpse of the finished pages for the book, the entirety of which Haun has already completed:

Check out the full three-page “All The Stars” story below. It’s short, but it’s likely to stick with you for a while. The Kickstarter for Haunthology: A Horror Comics Collection is live now, and will run until Thursday, August 5th.