The previous episode of The Flash revolved around Allegra and Ultraviolet but “Enemy at the Gates” with Barry and Iris having gone on a vacation. Iris doesn’t return for this episode but so far, this one was the most Flash-esque episode this entire season will get, unless they revive this energy and run with it further, fingers crossed!

Barry wakes up from a nap at CCPD to find Nora West-Allen a.k.a. XS talking to him, telling him everything will work out and that she loves him. And then he actually wakes up from his nap. Thinking that this might a cosmic indication of Iris finally becoming pregnant with Nora, he rushes home to start getting prepped, especially with the pregnancy testing. He doesn’t want anybody to know but Cecile finds out, obviously, being an empath and all.

Cecile finds out Barry and Iris are pregnant in THE FLASH S7E15; Photo: The CW

Meanwhile Caitlin is prepping to operate on Ultraviolet, to free her from an apparent Munchausen syndrome by proxy imposed on her by the Black Hole. The scar over her voicebox could either be a result of this syndrome or maybe not, it’s not confirmed but its still damaged and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. So Caitlin begins procedure at S.T.A.R. Labs as Allegra and Cecile watch over.

Caitlin operates on Ultraviolet in THE FLASH S7E13; Photo: The CW

In other news, Godspeed has returned. We don’t know if its Godspeed himself or his clones, or the entire troop. What we do know is that he’s back to steal Barry’s speed.

In other, other news, news, Frost saves Mark from getting beaten up by O’Shaughnessy’s staff and brings him to the Lab so Caitlin can patch him up.

While Chester, Frost, and Barry chart out a plan, two Godspeed clones show up at a power plant and lure Barry to the location. Chester warns him about the trap, The Flash escapes the ambush and returns to the Lab only to find out Godspeed followed him back. The team activates a force field around the Lab but this doesn’t stop the clones from trying to break in. All of them start pounding on the field to lower its strength, not too effectively. Chester says it would take them nearly an hour to break through the barrier.

Return of the Godspeed clones in THE FLASH S7E15; Photo: The CW

As Chester brainstorms a way to stop the clones, Barry takes five and checks in on Iris but he’s so descriptive about their pregnancy that Chester overhears it. Barry tells him they’re expecting a girl and as much as Chester is excited, he’s also apprehensive about Barry knowing the baby’s gender. He says knowing information about the future creates a temporal shift, changing the way things are supposed to happen, and that makes him realize Godspeed predicted Barry would run back to the Labs. By using an unpredictable way to bring down the clones, the team would have a chance to save everyone. But time runs out and they break in. Barry asks Chester to hide inside the Time Vault where Gideon helps him to transmit a radio signal across the entire city, a signal that’s strong enough to make the clones weak.

The team, along with Mark, is able to fight against the clones but only till one of the clones finds Chester and breaks Gideon’s system. The clones overpower the team and The Flash runs towards the City so they wouldn’t attack anybody else. In a surprising plot twist, a bunch of other clones show up to protect The Flash. All of them vanish together, leaving the entire team spellbound. Barry calls it the start of a civil war.

Although Mark seemed like he was coming clean, he fools Frost into falling in love and escapes the Lab as soon as the clones vanished. Frost had told him earlier about gaining her trust, once lost cannot be regained but she does have a soft spot for him.

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